Is the Bearded Collie the Right Breed for You?

bearded collie

Becoming the owner of a dog is a very big decision. In fact, it’s one that most people are not even aware that they should really think about. Many people make the mistake of getting a dog that they do not really need because they think it’s a good choice without really considering it. We think this is a big reason so many people end up returning dogs to shelters and relinquishing their rights to their animals. It’s a tough situation in that dogs really do need love and a lifetime commitment from their owners. The bearded collie, for instance, is a beautiful dog that deserves a wonderful home. But he, just like all other breeds, is not always the right fit for every single family. Certain dogs are far better suited to certain families that others, and your attempt at owning a dog could be significantly more successful if you are able to find a dog that fits in well with your family. Some dogs require more time and effort than others. Some are not good around kids. Some aren’t as easily trained, and some aren’t big or small enough for your home or needs. If you are considering a bearded collie of your own, perhaps you should understand more about the dog first.

It’s an Active Breed

Something most people fail to realize about the bearded collie is that it’s an active breed with a lot of need and requirement for fun and activity. This is the kind of dog that wants to spend as much time as possible playing outside and enjoying life, and it’s one that just really wants to make sure it gets plenty of exercise and has a good time.

It’s a Stubborn Breed

This very stubborn dog has a lot going on. It’s a very smart dog, but a lot of that has to do with the fact that it can be stubborn. Because it’s such a smart dog, it often feels that your desires, needs and wants are not quite as good as his own, which means he’s going to do whatever it takes to ensure that he gets his way. If you’re looking into a bearded collie of your own, you might want to be sure that you are going to be the dominant alpha in the family or else it’s going to become too stubborn to deal with.

It’s a Smart Breed

The bearded collie is very smart. If you are kind, consistent and fair, it’s going to be a very great addition to your family. However, if you are more interested in just playing with the dog rather than teaching it, it’s going to become stubborn and difficult. This smart breed needs a smart owner willing to make the right decisions and carefully treat the dog as it should be treated.

It’s a Healthy Breed

What’s good about this particular dog in the eyes of those who want a healthy dog is that it is healthy. This is not, in any way, a promise that your dog will never get sick or that your dog will never become ill. It’s a promise, however, that your dog is going to be a good dog as far as assuming its good health. There are no breed-specific issues you need to worry about, which means that you will be fairly good to go in terms of knowing that chances are good your dog will remain healthy.

It’s a Breed with Ample Exercise Needs

If you are not looking for a dog that will need frequent walks and a lot of time outdoors, this is not the dog for you. This is a breed that needs to spend a great deal of time outside, and it’s one that is going to need that. You cannot be lazy and inconsistent about this. The bearded collie is a high-energy dog and it must be given plenty of time in which to exercise. If you do not allow this, I can assure you that your dog will likely become very destructive around the house looking for ways to expend that energy and get its own exercise.

It’s a Breed with Many Grooming Needs

Many people are a bit turned off by the beautiful coat that the bearded collie has. It’s a lovely dog with a beautiful coat, but it requires significant grooming. You will absolutely need to spend some time with this dog making sure that it is able to sit still for frequent brushing and you will want to form a good relationship with a trusted groomer. Your dog will need to go at least once a month – if not more – to the groomer to ensure its coat is clean and trimmed and to ensure that it is not allowed to become a mess. And you will need to be very careful brushing it. Missing a day or two here and there can be bad news for a coat like this.

It’s a Breed that Loves Rainy Weather

We talked a lot about this breed being very active, and it’s important for potential owners to understand that it’s a very active breed and not just when the weather cooperates. In fact, this breed is so active that it likes to spend time outside even in the rain. In fact, it loves all kinds of weather as long as it can be outside exercising and having fun. A rainy day is not going to deter the bearded collie from wanting to run around the yard as it might other breeds. In fact, it’s just going to want to go out and play even more than you think.

It’s a Friendly Breed

The bearded collie is a dog that everyone loves. It’s friendly and it’s beautiful, and it just loves people. It’s not going to make a great watch dog, but it is going to make a great dog for families who want an animal that will run around with them, be friendly to their kids and always want to spend some quality time together.

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

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