10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Cockalier

People who love dogs are finding more variety with the choices of breeds available. Designer breeders are producing unique crossbred pups that combine the best characteristics of their favorite purebreds in one dog. The Cockalier is a good example. If you’re not yet familiar with this crossbreed, don’t feel bad. It’s not one of the more common designer dogs, but it’s gaining in popularity. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about the Cockalier that might make you want to adopt one of your own.

1. Cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This unique dog features the best features of both a Cocker Spaniel and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Since there are similarities between the two breeds, the crossed version comes out with some attractive features that can resemble either parent, according to Dog Time.

2. Cockaliers are good companion dogs

If you’re looking for a dog that is loving and affectionate, the Cockalier may be a good fit for your situation. These dogs get their loving and gentle personalities from both parents. They crave human affection and develop a strong sense of loyalty for their pet parents and other members of the family. When a human shows them love and kindness they give it back 100 fold. Cockaliers are quick to form strong bonds with their families.

3. They’re easy to train

Cockaliers are a very intelligent crossbreed. They are usually easy to train if you use positive reinforcement methods. They love to please their masters and if you train with treats, they’ll work harder to make you happy. You can also train a Cockalier to do tricks and keep the entire family entertained. They love to play games with their family members and will participate in games of fetch and more.

4. They’re good for first-time dog owners

If you’re a first-time dog owner, the Cockalier is one of the easiest dog types to work with. His intelligence makes him easier to train if you start when he is still a puppy. He might make mistakes along with way, but so will you. This breed is forgiving and understanding of the common mistakes and inconsistencies that first-time dog owners often exhibit. You can learn and grow together.

5. Cockaliers have a lot of energy

Your Cockalier is going to require a moderate amount of exercise. He needs to release the pent up energy that builds up. A daily walk around the block should be enough to keep him happy and healthy. Taking him outside into the backyard for a few rounds of fetch is also a good way to help him release some of his energy. It also gives you time to bond with one another. Cockaliers don’t need a lot of intense exercises and if you miss a day or two during the week it isn’t going to cause any harm.

6. Cockaliers are social dogs

If you’re looking for a dog that likes to socialize, the Cockalier is a good choice. They are generally friendly dogs, especially with family and close friends of the family whom they are familiar with. They are sometimes wary of strangers at first, but it doesn’t take them long to warm up once they know that the person is accepted by other members of the family. Cockaliers that are properly socialized from an early age tend to get along well with other pets in the house and with children, according to Pet Guide.

7. Cockaliers are good with kids

If you have young children you should always supervise the time that your children spend with a Cockalier or any dog breed. However, Cockaliers love to play. When properly socialized, they enjoy playing with children and they’re usually very tolerant because of their mild and gentle temperament. Cockaliers are playful dogs and they make excellent companions and house buddies for children.

8. They’re highly adaptable

Cockaliers are smaller dogs that adapt well to most living environments. They’re well suited for apartments or small houses. They’re not particularly yappy dogs so they won’t disturb the neighbors around you if you live in an apartment or condo. They’re comfortable in small spaces as long as they have enough room to get daily exercise.

9. Cockaliers need lots of TLC

Cockaliers bond quickly with their human caregivers. They crave the affection of humans. When left alone for long periods of time, they get lonely and may suffer from separation anxiety. They’re best for families that have someone home during the day time or at least have other family pets to keep the Cockalier company. Plan on giving him a lot of attention and don’t leave him alone for too long.

10. Cockaliers are prone to a few health issues

Although the Cockalier overall is a healthy crossbreed, there are a few health conditions that are more common to the parent breeds of these dogs, which can show up in the Cockalier. These include ear infections and eye problems, hip dysplasia, issues with the knee-caps, other problems of the eyes, allergies, bloating, obesity, skin problems anemia, hypothyroidism, and certain cancers. This doesn’t mean your Cockalier will develop any of these medical conditions. It’s wise to take him to the vet for normal wellness examinations to catch any conditions that might arise early while it’s highly treatable. Providing a stable and loving home with a healthy diet will increase the odds of your Cockalier living a long and healthy life as your faithful and loyal companion. The average lifespan of a Cockalier is between 12 to 15 years. Some will live even longer. Each dog is an individual with his own unique physiology and personality. Your Cockalier will bring you joy and happiness for many years. Some of these crossbreed dogs can be found at local animal shelters. It’s always better to adopt whenever possible.

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