The Cutest Siberian Husky Puppy Videos of 2017

Siberian Huskies have long been one of the most interesting dog breeds. Everyone loves a Husky because they are not only strikingly beautiful dogs with their thick fur, but their markings are eye-catching and their eyes sparkle, typically sapphire blue. But also because of where they hail from with their interesting story of ancestors working in the cold, pulling sleds. Over the years, Siberian Huskies have migrated to the US to become family pets, and they do make great pets, if you have the right environment, time and family life to give them. So, what is more adorable than a Siberian Husky dog? I think, a Siberian Husky puppy. These dogs make some of the most adorable puppies and watching them in videos will give you a good idea of just how great this dog breed really is. Here are some of the cutest Siberian Husky videos of 2017.

1. Siberian Husky dad plays with his pups for first time

This is one of the cutest videos ever, but definitely one of the cutest of Siberian Husky puppies. These six week old puppies are meeting their dad and playing with him for the first time. He is a great dad and it’s apparent that he knows these nine puppies are his babies. There is a natural connection with the puppies as they climb all over him and he patiently rolls over to let them crawl and romp on him. He is very gentle the way he interacts with them. He seems to be trying to teach them how to play, in the meantime, some of the puppies take a quick break to find mom and get a little attention from her. This family of Siberian Huskies all together is really a beautiful picture and a great Husky video.

2. Six Huskies in a box

Six Siberian Husky pups in a box – well, more like a pen, but it’s adorable. They hear their owner squeaking a toy and they are all scrambling over each other to get out of their pen and closer to their human, and the toy. There isn’t anything much more adorable than six colorful Husky pups, standing on their hind legs, hanging over the top of the pen and looking so mischievous and curious. Watch their heads turn side-to-side as they try to figure out what the squeaky sound is. These guys make one of the cutest Siberian Husky puppy videos this year.

3. Four week old Siberian Husky pups posing for pictures

These are five of the cutest Siberian Husky puppies and they are only 4 weeks old. At four weeks old, they look like big fluff balls of fur, but more than that, check out the variety of colors going on here. All of these puppies are getting Hawaiian names and they couldn’t’ be more adorable if they tried. If you look to the far right at the end of the line, someone looks like he is in major need of a nap, and a photo shoot is the last thing on his mind.

4. Give me that food!

Ever see little puppies get so excited over dry dog food? Well now you can. These three Siberian Huskies are all about dinner time and they anxiously dance and jump around waiting for their human to put the dish of dry dog food down so they can devour it, and devour it, they do. The second the bowl hits the floor, all three attack the dish and try to get their mouth into the bowl. You can hear them arguing over the food, growling and pushing each other out of the way. Can you tell that there’s not a lot of difference between animal siblings and human siblings?

5.  Two week old Husky puppy trying to nap

Ok, this is just too cute, watching a two week old Siberian Husky, who happens to look like a pudgy ball of fur, trying to take a nap. While some of his brothers and sisters are busy getting taken care of by mom, this little guy was busy dreaming, shuddering in his sleep and waking himself up. He finally wakes up enough to let out an adorable yawn, then goes to find his sibling to curl up next to. All you have to do is watch this video to see how beautiful and sweet this breed is, from brand new puppyhood, to full-grown adult dog.

6. Looking at human faces and confused

These beautiful little Husky pups are trying to get used to human faces. They are all staring at the owners and look so confused, a little timid, and very cute. They want to go closer to their humans, but as soon as they get curious enough to make a move, they quickly get nervous and start trying to back up. These little guys stay packed in close together due to their shyness and confusion. These little fluffballs make one of the cutest Husky puppy videos with their adorable expressions and determination to stick together.

7. Learning to howl

Have you ever wondered how dogs learn to howl? Or at what age? Here is a compilation of Husky puppies learning how to use their voice and make a howling sound, and it is too cute. These guys have obviously discovered their voices and they know what to do with them, but it does take practice to get it right. Watch how they already have that instinct to look up at the sky and let the sound roll out of their mouths. In a few more months, those howls will sound much more grown-up, but for now, they are just soft and sweet.


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