Dog Breed of the Day: English Foxhound


From Dog Breed Info: The English Foxhound is a courageous, passionate hunter. High energy, it needs a lot of daily exercise. It responds well to leadership and is willing and able to be obedient, but is not as responsive as some breeds and training takes patience and a general understanding of the canine animal. They are friendly with people and excellent with children, but prefer to be in the company of other dogs and do well with other animals. It’s also known to be an incredible hunting dog. Amazingly the English Foxhound dates all the way back to the 1800s in Great Britain.   Do any of you out there own an English Foxhound?  If so we’d love to see any pictures you might have of this beauty.  Also be sure to share any videos or stories you might have for inclusion in our site.   But for now, enjoy these select photos of Foxhound dogs and puppies.  Be sure to click “next” beneath each photo to view them all!











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