Dog Saves Fawn From Drowning and Refuses to Leave Its Side

Dogs are very social animals. They love their humans unconditionally, which is why it’s said they are man’s best friend. However, sometimes a dog’s loyalty extends to other types of animals because humans have raised, continue to nurture, and help them hone these instincts. Although a dog prefers to socialize with other dogs, it may form an attachment with another species for various reasons. According to, female dogs are typically the ones to adopt other animals, primarily young mammals. Veterinarian Dr. Coren explains that it has to do with natural scents. Additionally, despite being two different species, the animal can communicate with one another. If the pair is together for a long time, they will establish a bond. Many dogs love stuffed animals, and it’s thought that they view another species as a sentient toy. Another consideration is much like their human counterparts; dogs are empathetic by nature. A dog’s level of emotion is similar to a toddle. However, a dog’s natural desire to care is far more instinctual.

A big-hearted dog

A Goldendoodle named Harley has always had a big heart. According to People, he is a certified therapy dog who visits aging patients at nursing homes. When he’s not playing with his human’s four grandchildren, he attends story hour at a local library. His best friend is a cat named ZsuZsu. Ralph Dorn is a retired Marine Corps pilot who’s spent his life with Harley, so his caring actions towards humans and animals never surprised him until the evening of June second.

Harley’s deer

It was time for Ralph Dorn’s Goldendoodle to come inside. He looked across the lake and almost missed him. However, soon he noticed Harley approximately 200 feet from the shore, and he wasn’t alone. It took Dorn a few minutes to realize that Harley was trying to steer a baby deer to shore. Neither dog nor human was sure how a baby deer got so far from shore, but Harley decided to rescue him. His owner was so surprised he posted the story on Facebook.

Going viral

Harley’s rescue of the baby deer went viral, being shared approximately 250000 times, but the six-year-old dog’s journey didn’t stop after an evening. The following day Harley was pacing by the window. Doran let him out for his morning walk and watched the six-year-old Goldendoodle bound toward the forest. He was looking for the fawn. Then, Doran heard soft bleating from the small animal and watched as the pair greeted each other. The two walked along the shoreline like old friends. Dorn helped the fawn climb up a ledge and placed her on the grass. Then, Harley began bathing the fawn. His instinctual behavior made him want to nurture and care for the small animal. A little while later, the fawn’s mother appeared. Harley’s human took him inside so she could reclaim her young. The story should end, but it doesn’t since the bond between the dog and the woodland animal was instantaneous.

Another Day

The following day happened much like the previous morning. Dorn’s wife Patricia enjoyed the fresh morning air with a cup of coffee when she heard the fawn calling out to Harley. Yesterday’s events played out again. The pair ran to each other and greeted each other like old friends. After a short reunion, the fawn calmed, and Harley went back into the house. Later that day, the fawn was far off in the woods with his mama.


What surprised the family the most was the reaction on social media. As the post started going viral and gained momentum, it crossed the pond being reposted by someone Dorn served in the military, setting off even more shares. People commented extensively, sharing praise for Harley’s heroic actions and adding how the story was positively heartwarming. Dogexpress. in several shared comments from the viral post. One Facebook user said, “Oh, wow! I think this is the most awesome real animal story I have seen! Thank you for posting this.” Another person commented, “This is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. Good job, Harley!” Since there is so much negativity globally, the site asked users to share other stories of heroic dogs.

Dog psychology

Dogs’ brains are more complex than responding to commands like sit or stay. An article from details different things that a dog thinks and feels beyond going outside or asking to be fed. One of the countries top veterinarians, Dr. Jill Sackman, commented that much like a dog could tell when one bowl of food has more than the other or how their human’s voice sounds different from another, they have other, more complex emotions. Many pet owners notice that their four-legged companion is more likely to stay glued to them when they are sad. Additionally, dogs have a natural protective instinct when they sense danger or something wrong in the house. These instincts aren’t any different from a dog’s innate rescue tendency.

Although many people feel Harley is a hero, he’s just following his instinct to help. Many dogs are specifically trained to help humans in a variety of ways. Others know when someone is in trouble. Many dogs interact well with cats. They recognize them as part of the family, although sometimes they clash because their personalities are different. However, it’s much more unique when dogs find an animal they’ve never seen before and naturally become attached. We can all take a lesson from Harley, be willing to help, and don’t shy away from someone you don’t understand. Touching stories like his remind us that no matter how much uncertainty in the world, there are still heartwarming things that happen, especially if they involve a four-legged fur baby.

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