Five Adorable Border Collie Videos of 2017

Border collies have often been called the smartest dogs in the world and here are some border collie videos that show that as well as how adorable they are as puppies, too. YouTube is full of great border collie videos so it wasn’t too hard to find five that are truly amazing and here they are:

Pups & Chicks

This is one of the cutest Border Collie Videos ever and it’s called “Border Collie Pups Ruffle Some Feathers | Too Cute!”. It shows Border Collie Momma, Rain, and her two pups, Shep and Fly on their fabulously big ranch. When Shep and Fly first venture out at six weeks of age, they encounter some strange creatures that they’ve never seen before. “What are these clucking things covered in feathers?” the cute little guys say to each other as Mom watches to make sure they don’t get into any trouble. But, of course, they immediately do by chasing the chickens all over their chicken yard. Fly is the brave one while Shep ends up hiding inside a watering can. But, soon those evil chickens turn it all around and Fly is clearly scared of the big birds and soon both pups are hiding under the watering can all huddled up together. Help is at hand though as another cutie joins in the fight. A black and white pygmy goat named Lulu comes to the pups’ rescue. He herds the chickens into the corner and then bleats at Fly and Shep to get the flock outta there! Watch it for yourself:

A Pup on a Mission

This is one of the many Border Collie Videos on YouTube that really shows just how amazingly intelligent border collies really are. It’s called “Most Intelligent Dog in the World – Border Collie”. This dog has definitely learned a lot from his trainer. She’s a genius at teaching this pup a number of tricks. Many of them are not just simple go-and-fetch tricks. They actually require a thinking process that can actually distinguish between one thing and another. His trainer sends him off to fetch a toy on the other side of the room and this smart border collie can distinguish between a variety of stuffed animals. He can even tell the difference between a tennis ball and a regular old blue rubber ball. Amazing! And, then his trainer sends him down the long driveway to fetch the newspaper and bring it back. The paper is almost bigger than the pup, so he has to work at it. But, this little guy is on a mission and, in the end, he drags it back up the long driveway and gives it to his trainer. He can even clean beer cans off of the coffee table and put them in the trash. Wow, a four-legged maid! Check it out:

Smart-Talking Sadie

So, if you thought all of that was amazing, how about a talking border collie? Sadie is one smart girl and she can actually talk! As her Daddy talks to her, she discusses dinner plans with him, telling him which dishes she would love to eat for dinner. She is so cute and so well-spoken, especially for a dog. This important member of the Border Collie Videos is a lot of fun and there are actually lots of them. This one is called “The Talking Border Collie, Sadie Part 1” but there are plenty of others to watch, too, like “The Talking Border Collie, Sadie Part 2” that proves that dogs are people, too. It’s easy to see why YouTubers could become huge Sadie fans. You probably till, too, after watching this video:

Sing it Like You Mean It, Mac!

OK, so a talking border collie was pretty amazing but how about a singing border collie? This offering from our list of Border Collie Videos is called “Border Collie ‘Mac’ sings to Eastenders” and Mac is one musical marvel. He sings at the top of his lungs and obviously really enjoys being musical. Maybe they could teach him the National Anthem and he could sing at the opening of a major league baseball game. Or, even better, he could sing it at the start of a NASCAR race! Dale Jr. would love it since he’s a big dog fan. We’ll be looking forward to that, won’t you? So, have a look-see at Mac and his musical talents:

Here Ducky-Duckies!

Switching gears now, we go from talking, fetching, singing border collie videos to one that simply shows them doing what they were bred to do. And, they do it well. It takes some smarts to herd a gaggle of ducks but this video shows them doing just that. It’s called “Four Border Collie Dogs vs. a Flock Of Ducks”. Those silly feathered friends don’t have a chance against these amazing herding border collies. They get them right into that pen and over the little bridge. One of the dogs is so cute when he gets super-excited after having done a good job. Then this amazing trainer puts them through their paces, one-by-one, showing a fascinating array of doggy tricks. These dogs are brilliant! Check it out for yourself:

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