Five Things You Didn’t About the Black Mouth Cur

The Black Mouth Cur is a breed of dog that originates from the Southern United States. While the name of this dog is well-known in that part of the world, there are plenty of other people who do not live in that area who are completely unaware of this breed. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that there are things that people do not know about this breed. Here are five interesting facts that you might not know about the Black Mouth Cur.

1. They Are Known by Several Other Names

The name ‘Black Mouth Cur’ is a very literal description of this dog. The term cur is a general word used to describe farm and ranch working dogs that have a short coat and drop ears. However, this is not the only name that this breed goes by as they are also known as the Yellow Black Mouth and the Southern Cur.

2. They Come in Many Color Variations

The coat of a Black Mouth Cur is either coarse or fine and comes in a variety of colors. Some of these include yellow and fawn, black, brindle, buckskin, and various shades of red. The muzzle is generally black, as the name suggests, although this is not always the case. Some Black Mouth Curs have white markings but these generally cover an area of less than 10 percent of their body.

3. They Were Hunting and Farming Dogs

The original uses of the Black Mouth Cur vary greatly depending on the location in which they were raised. In most cases, these dogs were used for herding cattle, hunting, or as general farm dogs. They were also used as pioneer dogs that had several purposes in agricultural environments. The Black Mouth Cur is ideal for this type of work as they are intelligent, loyal to their owners, and athletic. Further to their roles in farming, the Black Mouth Cur has also been used as a search and rescue dog.

4. The Term Black Mouth Cur Encompasses Several Breed Variations

The Term Black Mouth Cur actually describes a group of breeds as there are several different variations of the breed that are grouped together in this category. These include the Foundation Black Mouth Cur from Texas, the Ladner Black Mouth Cur from Mississippi, the Southern Black Mouth Cur from Alabama and the Florida Black Mouth Cur. The latter is also known as the cracker cur. The first of these breeds to register with the National Kennel Club was the Ladner Black Mouth Cur which was first registered in 1964.

5. They Can Vary Significantly in Size

The variety of Black Mouth Cur a dog is will determine its size and this can vary significantly from one variety to another. For example, the Ladner Black Mouth Cur will usually weigh around 35 pounds. To the other extreme are the hog dogs, such as the Weatherford Ben line of the breed can weigh in excess of 100 pounds. The height of these dogs can also vary significantly although they are usually at least 16 inches tall.

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