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Often called a Gerberian Shepsky, the German Shepherd Husky mix is interesting in that it is a crossbreed of two dog breeds rather than a dog breed in its own right. This means that while both German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies have well-known sets of characteristics, the same cannot be said about Geberian Shepskies, which can inherit its characteristics from both of those dog breeds.

As a result, while a particular Geberian Shepsky will be a combination of a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky, it is difficult to predict what it will inherit from what source, particularly since not all Gerberian Shepskies have two purebreed parents. After all, crossbreeds that are 75 percent of one dog breed and 25 percent of the other dog breed are considered to be Gerberian Shepskies just as much as those of their counterparts that are 50 percent German Shepherd and 50 percent Siberian Husky, thus making a complex situation that much more so.

Regardless, it is interesting to note that the Gerberian Shepsky is a relatively new crossbreed. After all, the German Shepherd came into existence in the 1880s when Captian Max von Stephanitz as well as other German breeders sought to create a capable and handsome shepherd dog by using short-haired, long-haired, and wire-haired work animals from Bavaria, Thurginia, and Wurtemberg.

Likewise, while Siberian Huskies have been used by the Chukchi in Siberia as watchdogs, sled-pullers, and reindeer herders for centuries and centuries, they remained relatively unknown to a wider range of dog enthusiasts until 1925, when their size as well as their stamina made them an indispensable part of the effort to bring much-needed medicine to people who were stricken by an outbreak of diphtheria in Alaska. Eventually, the rising interest of dog enthusiasts in both the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky led to the creation of the Gerberian Shepsky, which has managed to achieve a fair amount of recognition on its own in addition to being the crossbreed of two popular dog breeds.


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As mentioned, the high variance seen in Geberian Shepskies means that different animals can exhibit different looks. Generally speaking, they will have skulls that can resemble either that of the German Shepherd or that of the Siberian Husky, which is paired with a straight haired double coat that can have either short, medium, or even long-lengthed hairs. Since these hairs tend to be relatively dense, Geberian Shepskies can have a very fuzzy look, which makes them attractive to many dog enthusiasts but also make them less comfortable in warmer climates.

Interestingly, said animals come in a lot of coat colors, with black as well as brown with black being the most common. Other colors include but are not limited to blue, brown, red, white, and even a combination that looks nothing so much as salt and pepper.


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Many Geberian Shepskies inherit the best of both dog breeds by combining the intelligent alertness of German Shepherds with the energetic playfulness of Siberian Huskies. As a result, they are great additions to a family, particularly since they also tend to be rather protective of their family members. Of course, their origins mean that they have lots and lots of energy, which should be manageable so long as their owners take them out for regular excursions.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Health Issues

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Crossbreeds such as the Geberian Shepskies tend to be healthier than the purebreeds used to create them. This is because said animals inherit fewer of the problematic traits of their parents, which should come as welcome news to those who are concerned about the potential for their pets to develop serious medical conditions through no fault of theirs. However, it is important to note that it is not unknown for crossbreeds to suffer from the same issues as the purebreeds used to create them, meaning that people who plan to own a Geberian Shepsky should prepare for the potential of the serious medical conditions that can be found in either German Shepherds or Siberian Huskies.

For example, Geberian Shepskys have been known to suffer from a wide range of serious medical conditions such as blood disorders, digestive problems, and dysplasia of the elbows and hips, which is when said locations swell up because of the proliferation of abnormal cells therein. Furthermore, some of the animals are known to suffer from eye-related issues, whether that means juvenile cataracts or corneal dystrophy. Since each Geberian Shepsky is its own animal rather than part of an established dog breed, their owners should make sure to bring them to their veterinarians for regular check-ups so as to keep a close eye on their well-being as well as potential threats to it.

Life Expectancy

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Geberian Shepskys can expect to live about 13 years with the proper diet, exercise, care, and attention, which is similar to the life expectancies of the two dog breeds used to create it. For example, a German Shepherd can be expected to live about 13 years as well, whereas Siberian Huskies are more varied in the sense that a particular dog can expect to live between 12 and 15 years.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Size

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The crossbred nature of the Geberian Shepsky means that it can come in a remarkable range of heights as well as weights, which should be seen as a plus because it means a remarkable range of choices for interested individuals. Regardless, the average Geberian Shepsky can be expected to stand between 20 and 25 inches while weighing between 45 and 88 pounds, meaning that it is not a small dog but nonetheless not so big that it becomes a problem for people living in smaller homes.



Since it is a crossbreed rather than a dog breed in its own right, it should come as no surprise to learn that the Geberian Shepsky is not as recognized as either one of the two dog breeds used in its creation. For example, it is not recognized by the American Kennel Club, but it is recognized by both the Dog Registry of America and the American Canine Hybrid Club. This is something that people who are interested in these animals should consider before bringing one of them into their home.

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