How to Deal with Your Dog Peeing in the House

So, your dog/ puppy likes to mark its territory a bit too much! First, this is not the issue, in most cases. It is most likely that your dog just hasn’t been trained with either peeing in a certain spot or, to simply put it, outside of the house. Therefore, you have to know that peeing in the house is not something that your dog wants to do; it’s that they don’t know exactly what they should do in such circumstances – its up to you to train them and get rid of that specific odor that will soon be felt in your entire home. Stick with us and, in the following lines, you’ll find out exactly what you need to do in order to deal with your dog peeing in the house!

Potty Re-Training

Now, your dog pees in the house because he/ she either hasn’t been trained where to pee or because their previous owners, if that’s the case, have accidentally taught them that it is ok to pee in the house. In this respect, you have to initiate the potty re-training procedure – and here’s exactly how to do that!


Pee Spot


Remember that dogs usually think and learn in pictures – if you show them a bowl and then fill it with food, they will always know that that specific bowl is meant for food. Therefore, you must show your dog where to pee – and do so often! You should take your dog out as soon as you wake up in the morning, before you go to bed, and every time you come or leave home. If you do so, your dog will remember that going out means peeing!

Safety Measures – Pee Prevention

No one likes to see their cute, little dog inside a cage/ pen! However, if you want to properly re-train them, then this is exactly what you’ll have to do. In short, your dog/ puppy should not be able to wander through the house when unattended. For a short period of time, have them in a pen and monitor their behavior. Naturally, when they are about to pee, you’ll be right there to tell them not to and take them outside. In time, they’ll learn that peeing inside the house/ pen is something that they should not be doing.


Towards the end of the potty re-training procedure, you should start rewarding your dog every time they do the right thing. Does your dog now wait at the door before peeing on the floor or on your carpet? If so, reward them, pet them, and let them know that they are doing the right thing!

One Little Secret

What many people don’t know is the fact that dogs will pee in the places they smell pee, so to say. For example, if your dog peed inside your house, in a specific spot, more than a couple of times, then that spot is now known to them as their bathroom. This is because dog pee leaves a specific scent behind that informs them of any other dogs that have been there before – you know how they stop smelling every tree, post, or bush to sniff them. Pet urine on carpets can be especially tricky to get rid of, Household Advice recommends using a carpet shampooer for pets. This will instantly get rid of any pee smell/ enzyme that your dog leaves behind on your carpet.

The Bottom Line

So, dealing with a dog that pees in the house or on your carpets is pretty much a needed training session. With only three steps and quite the dedication/ power of will, everyone can get their pet to stop being in the house and, overall, be a very good boy – or girl!

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