Is Starbucks Puppuccino Safe for Dogs?

Most people start their day with a cup of coffee, and it has become such a tradition that one person said it is better to have a bad cup of coffee than no coffee at all. Among the many coffeehouses, Starbucks is in the lead. It has seen its revenue grow over the years with sales to Americans, making up most of the revenue. The company maybe saw the plight of dog owners who have to leave their dogs outside to get their coffee. They must have noticed the disappointed look on the dogs’ faces when they realize their humans did not get anything for them. Maybe it is this reason that resulted in Starbucks puppuccino being introduced in the secret menu. They may have had good intentions but is the product safe for our furball babies? Let’s see.

The Safety of Starbucks Puppuccino for Dogs

Although the beverage borrows its name from cappuccino, the two are not alike. While a cappuccino is a coffee drink with cream or variations of flavorings like cinnamon, puppuccino does not contain any coffee. Instead, it is a small cup of whipped cream made specifically for dogs. Whipped cream has no nutritional value to your dogs; therefore, you should not be too concerned about giving your canine some. However, it should be a treat to be enjoyed once in a while.

It contains saturated fats and high sugar levels that can have adverse effects on the dog’s health in the long run or if consumed in a large quantity at a go. High sugar levels such as those contained in commercially manufactured whipped cream can cause diabetes in your pup. On the other hand, fat will lead to obesity and other serious health issues like heart failure. Also, not all dogs can safely consume milk without negative reactions; if yours is lactose intolerant, you expose him to diarrhea, vomiting and bloating.

You Can Opt for Unsweetened Whipped Cream

Still, doting on your dog is not wrong so long as you know the limits. Dog Food Genius ( suggests giving as little as a dollop of unsweetened whipped cream once in a while. However, this will only be for dogs that do not react to dairy products. Even if your dog can consume any amount of dairy products without repercussions, portion control is important. The larger the breed, the more the whipped cream the pup can enjoy. The recommendation is to give a spoonful to smaller breeds and quarter cup to larger breeds.

Besides the care in choosing unsweetened whipped cream, you should also be keen to pick one without any flavors. Starbucks puppuccino does not contain any flavoring, which makes it safe for pets. Cinnamon spice could add some flavor to other whipped cream brands, and usually, it is safe for dogs. Truth is it is quite healthy since it improves brain function, helps those with arthritis and prevents diabetes among many other benefits. However, chocolate is toxic to dogs. It may not be fatal but causes serious health issues due to the chemical called theobromine.

To be on the safe side, making your own whipped cream is a much better alternative to spoil your dog. Although it should still be an occasional treat, you can at least be sure of what is going in the product. Besides, instead of waiting in line for your Starbuck puppuccino, you can whip out yours in a few minutes, and all you have to be keen on is that the heavy cream you choose contains barely any fat and no sugar. Although our taste bands deceive us into thinking that dogs will notice the treat’s blandness, our furry friends cannot tell the difference.

Some Dogs are Obsessed with Starbucks Puppuccino

The same way your children will behave well to get some ice cream, dogs know the joys of being rewarded with a Starbucks puppuccino and will not jeopardize the chance with bad behavior. Such great behavior was exhibited by two dogs, Hugo and Winston, who as reported by Yahoo News behaved properly as they waited for the owner to give them the treats. They were patient enough to wait and be served, and when they were given the go-ahead, they enjoyed the sumptuous treat.

Not all dogs can be as patient as Hugo and Winston when awaiting a puppuccino. One woman had to try hard to convince her dog to stay still in the car after it jumped on to the ledge of the drive-through window at a Starbucks in Texas. The woman in the clip can be seen trying to get the dog to get back into the car, but it appears that the puppuccino is taking too long, so it tries to get out of the car once again. However, the woman shouts a stern “No” and finally, the dog’s impatience comes to a stop when the barista hands over four cups to the car. The dog, together with the siblings, immediately gets down to enjoying their treats. According To Rover, the clip captured by a Billie Lynn Redd and posted on Facebook had been shared over five million times by the time that article was published.

Ordering a Starbucks Puppuccino

Metro gives us an overview of how to order a Starbucks puppuccino for your dog. Usually, you will not find it on the menu hence the name “secret menu” attached to this treat. However, you do not have to be afraid to ask for something that is not specified on the menu because the baristas know what you are talking about when you order a puppuccino. Alternatively, as per the article, you can term it as a small cup of whipped cream for your furry friend. Since they are not on the menu, that also means ordering them through an app is impossible. Therefore, if your dog is as obsessed with the treat as the Hugo and Winston, you will have to make trips to the nearest Starbucks often.

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