Why the Labrador Retriever is the Perfect Family Dog

labrador retriever

There is a good chance that if you do not know what a Labrador retriever is, you’ve been living under a rock for….your entire life, really. It’s not just the most popular dog in the world for families, it’s one of the most fun dogs you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. According to the American Kennel Club, this is the most popular breed of all, and for good reason. A high-energy dog, the Labrador retriever is one that loves to play, it loves affection and it really does love the concept of being part of the family. It’s amazing with kids, it’s wonderful with adults and it’s a dog that loves to go outside and play. It’s safe to say that owning this particular breed is going to do wonders for your own health. Not only will it be impossible for you not to get good exercise in throughout the day, it’s going to be impossible for you to be in a bad mood when this dog is near. With that said, you might want to know that this is the number one dog in the world not only for its adorable nature and it’s fun personality, but because it is a dog that is so good with kids. If you have kids and you’re considering a dog, you will want to know precisely why this breed is right for your family.

It’s Gentle

Despite the fact that Labrador retrievers are known for having the same enthusiasm for life as a small child, they are very gentle with kids. They seem to have an innate understanding that children are to be cherished and loved, and that they are to be given the respect that all people deserve. They are very kind to children, they don’t play too rough with them, and they seem to have a very distinct notion what’s acceptable and what is not when it comes to kids.

It’s Friendly

All dogs are friendly when they want to be, but the lab is one of the friendliest. It’s a gorgeous dog that wants to show kids that it loves them and cherishes them, and it’s not one that nips and barks and plays rough. It’s not the kind of dog that will only be friendly to your kids and then treat the other kids that come around as strangers. It’s friendly to all small children.

It’s Patient

It’s true that the lab has some very childlike tendencies and the same zest for fun, but they’re very patient. They know that children are not large and in charge, and they create a bond with them that you will not even understand unless you witness this on your own. A child and a dog like this are unbreakable as far as their bond is concerned, and they are so good to one another. These are dogs that are very patient with kids because they know kids are not always aware of their own strength and their own abilities.

It’s Intelligent

You’ll find smart dogs in the world. Some will say their dog is the smartest. Others will say this breed is the smartest or that breed is the smartest, or their cat is far smarter than any smart dog; but the lab is a smart dog. It might not be the most intelligent dog in the world, and it might be the most intelligent dog in the world. We don’t really know. But we do know that it’s the kind of dog that is absolutely smart. It’s easy to train and teach, and it knows how to read you and those around you.

It’s Affectionate

Labs love their people. They love cuddling. They love hugs. They love to be close. You might find that as this dog grows bigger it forgets just how big it is when it wants to curl up with you on the couch or on your lap. This is a dog that responds very well to affection and attention, and it’s going to do good things for your family. Your kids will really appreciate this trait thanks to the fact that they can love and hug on the dog without the dog seeming annoyed by it. In fact, the dog will love this kind of attention.

It’s Protective

While it might be friendly and well-mannered and even-tempered, this is not the kind of dog that you want to mess with. It’s not an attack dog; it’s not even an aggressive dog. But it is a protective dog. This dog will do whatever is necessary to ensure that you and your children are kept safe. This is the kind of dog that will not allow anyone it does not know and recognize near your kids. It will not allow anything that doesn’t look friendly near your kids. A snake in the yard? This dog will get between the snake and the child to protect the child until the death. This is a fiercely loyal and protective breed, and that’s something that all parents will appreciate when it comes to having an animal in the house with their kids.

Your Kids Will Get Outside More

One of the biggest benefits of having this breed as a household pet is the fact that it will inspire your kids to get out and play a lot more often. Your kids will find that they want to get out and about and stay out with a dog like this in the house. The Labrador retriever is a dog that loves people and loves to be outside, so it’s going to want to spend as much time in the yard as possible, which will encourage your kids to do the same. When the kids spend time outside, they’re in the sun, they’re being active, they’re being healthy and they are not glued to electronics or other mind-boggling items that are just making them sedentary and lazy. This kind of dog is going to keep the entire family healthy and active, and that’s something you cannot put a price tag on.

Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

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