10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Miki Dog

The Mi-Ki dog breed is one of the cutest breeds around. They’re absolutely tiny, and at first glance, they look just like a combination of other breeds. There are many different stories as to what the true origin of the breed may be, but it remains unclear at this point. These adorable dogs are the perfect tiny companions. They may be small and easy to maintain, but they pack a lot of personality. Mi-Ki dogs have distinct characteristics that set them apart from other breeds. If you’re looking to have the Mi-Ki for a pet companion, here are 10 things that you should know about the breed.

1. Intelligent dogs

Mi-Ki dogs are intelligent. They are some of the top candidates for the obedience ring. These are some of the most confident dogs out there. Because of their intelligence, they have no problems entertaining themselves whatsoever. The Mi-Ki dog is firm and has the tendency of becoming the pack leader anytime other dogs or other breeds surround it.

2. Non-violent

Oddly enough, Mi-Ki dogs are always portrayed as vicious or mean in television and film. That might be a way to add comic value because it’s such overcompensation when it comes to their size. However, Mi-Ki dogs are actually naturally affectionate and non-violent. These dogs are extremely friendly and are great companions because of that.

3. Social animals

The Mi-Ki dog is one that is extremely social. It can truly adapt to any environment, and many people who have difficulties finding a dog they like end up with a Mi-Ki just because of how versatile this dog is. The Mi-Ki is always eager to adapt to their human companion’s lifestyle.

4. Small dog syndrome

The reason why Mi-Ki breeds are portrayed the way they are in pop culture is because of this condition: the small dog syndrome. This is when a dog adapts or conforms to human induced behaviors such as barking at strangers, guarding, destructiveness, snapping, biting, and a few others. These are not natural Mi-Ki characteristics.

5. Need for animalistic instincts

When dogs are treated like humans, they lose their natural abilities and instincts as animals. It’s the same thing for the Mi-Ki breed. It’s important for these dogs to exercise their animal instincts, which can be helped by supplying them with rules and limits to follow. Without proper rules, these animals will lose their grip on their own nature as animals.

6. Exercise

These tiny animals require regular and daily mental and physical exercise in order to stay healthy. They may only weigh up to 10 pounds, but they still need a good amount of exercise for their health. Also, remember that these highly intelligent dogs will need a lot of mental stimulation as well to maintain their mental health.

7. Health issues

Because of their short muzzles, the Mi-Ki dog has a high tendency of developing respiratory issues, especially later on in life. Their teeth will also need frequent cleaning, and other small parts of their bodies will need close attention because hair tends to grow in parts that end up trapping a ton of dirt if not cleaned properly. Some owners bend to just keep their face and feet shaven for easier upkeep.

8. Living conditions

The Mi-Ki dog is the perfect dog to have in smaller spaces such as apartments or condos. It can be trained to use litter boxes for its needs, but even so, don’t forget that they love to go outdoors for walks.

9. Having a leader

The Mi-Ki dog needs a leader to follow. That leader needs to be you, and you should be able to train your dog to see you that way. Their daily walk is the easiest way to establish this simple rule. Dogs who don’t get their proper daily walks tend to develop behavior problems later on in life.

10. Life expectancy

These dogs tend to live roughly about 13 to 15 years give or take a few years depending on how they lived their lives. Those that develop respiratory issues will more than likely have shorter lives, and those that exercise regularly are likely to have longer lives altogether. Mi-Ki dogs can truly live full and happy lives with their human companions.

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