Miniature Australian Shepherd: What You Need to Know

Miniature Australian Shepherd

The miniature Australian Shepherd is sometimes referred to as a toy dog, but its official title is miniature. This adorable and very darling dog is just a smaller version of the already very popular and beloved Australian Shepherd, and it makes it a very desirable breed to call your own. The miniature Australian Shepherd has a number of features that make it such a popular dog, including the fact that it is great with kids, loves affection and is not a dog that generally causes many issues in the house. Like any dog breed, though, we always recommend that you first do your research to find out of a particular breed is right for you. That’s why we’re providing you with the most important information regarding the miniature Australian Shepherd so you can learn what to expect, what this dog might bring to the table, and even a little bit about from where he hails.

Personality and Temperament

The miniature Australian Shepherd is a fun dog. This is a dog breed that loves to play, loves to have a good time and loves to interact with the family. It is an easygoing breed with a big personality and a sweet temperament. It wants to spend a great deal of time with children, and the more active the children the better in the miniature Australian Shepherd’s mind. If you have a child that is a bit rambunctious and full of life and you worry that he or she might have a bit too much energy for a dog, this is the dog breed for your child by and far. The miniature Australian Shepherd is an amazing child’s dog, and he is a very loyal dog. Despite being so small, this is a breed that is very protective, very loyal and very attentive. It’s been said that the breed can anticipate what his or her people want before they are able to vocalize it, and it makes them exceptionally well-behaved dogs.

A miniature Australian Shepherd that is left unattended, alone and without any stimulation or exercise, however, is likely to turn into a problem dog. This is the kind of dog that is going to get into trouble at home because he needs human interaction and stimulation on a regular basis. They can become very nervous when they are left alone too long, and that does not bode well for anyone.

Lifestyle and Expectation

The beautiful miniature Australian Shepherd is, obviously, a much smaller version of the other Australian Shepherd. This dog can become as tall as 18 inches and weigh as much as 35 pounds. However, it’s not impossible that this dog might stand only 13 inches tall and weigh anywhere as low as 15 pounds it all depends. Any smaller than that, however, and you officially have the toy version.

The miniature Australian Shepherd is a dog breed that lives around 13 years. Some, naturally, will live a bit longer and some will not live so long, but they do require some attention when it comes to their quality of life and their lifestyle. This is a dog that is not going to do too poorly if you live in an apartment or small home with no yard, but you will need to ensure that the miniature Australian Shepherd has plenty of exercise, plenty of long walks and plenty of activity to keep him busy and well exercised. He likes to have at least one very long daily walk to expend some of that ample energy that miniature Australian Shepherds are known to exhibit. Additionally, this is a dog breed that is very capable of spending hours outside playing and having a good time. That’s why it’s a great dog to have in a family with kids that are willing and happy to take this dog into the yard and play games, hide and seek and other activities.

This is a great dog, too, for those who haven’t the time or desire to spend on grooming. The miniature Australian Shepherd has a very simple coat that is easy to brush and requires only a weekly brushing to remove dead hair and to keep it from shedding so much in your home.

Health Concerns

There is one major health consideration with some miniature Australian Shepherds; the genetics that give merle puppies their beautiful coloring can become mixed when a breeder breeds two merle miniature Australian Shepherds, and this causes health issues. Most commonly, your merle/merle miniature Australian Shepherd will exhibit blindness and deafness. This is not a huge problem, but it is one that is so easily avoidable. Otherwise, these are very healthy breed and have no real breed-specific health issues. Be sure, however, to have your miniature Australian Shepherd checked for the MDR1 gene, which isn’t bad but does make the dog sensitive to certain medications and needs to be addressed when the dog is sick or in need of medical care.

This is not to say that the breed is not likely to become sick, become diagnosed with some other health issue or whatnot, but it’s less likely with the miniature Australian Shepherd than it is with some other dog breeds.

Breed History

It was 1968 when someone decided that the regularly sized Australian Shepherd needed to be shrunk and turned into a miniature Australian Shepherd, and so a club was started and this was a breeding process that took effect. The miniature Australian Shepherd was originally bred using small dogs from the regular breed and perfected using the offspring of these dogs. It did take a while to work the way that breeders wanted, but it was as successful venture and everyone is happy with it. Over the years, the popularity of this breed has become even more prevalent, especially with the overwhelming desire so many dog owners have to have a small dog in their homes. The miniature Australian Shepherd is one of the most beautiful and most popular little dogs in the country right now, and for good reason.

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