10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Mountain Feist

Not many people have heard of the Mountain Feist as it is often confused with the Jack Russell as it looks very similar. However, these dogs have very distinct personalities and definitely deserve to be recognized in their own right. Here are ten things that you may not know about the Mountain Feist.

1. They Are Descendents From English Working Dogs

The first examples of Mountain Feists were found in North America but is believed that they are descended from terriers that were working dogs on farms and mines in England. They were very good at keeping rodents and vermin away which made them a popular dog for farmers. They were also used as mining dogs because of their small size.

2. They Were A Popular Dog With The Early Presidents

There is evidence that several of the early presidents owned Mountain Feists. They were referred to in the writings of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln also mentioned them in a poem. The early pioneers relied a lot on these dogs and it seems that this was as true of leaders as it was ordinary people.

3. They Used To Hunt Small Game

They were popular working dogs because of their ability to hunt small game. They are quick dogs and even though they are small they are very good at catching rodents and small birds.

4. They Are Very Good At Climbing Trees

Mountain Feists love chasing squirrels and one of the reasons that they are so good at this is because they are able to climb trees. Their claws can grip onto trees better than other dogs and they have very strong back legs. They may climb trees for their own amusement even if they are not chasing anything.

5. They Are A Mixed Breed

The Mountain Feist is a mixed breed and for this reason they do not have the uniform characteristics that you may find in other breeds. They are not recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club. Most of their ancestory can be traced to terrier breeds but it is thought that they may also have aspects of greyhounds which is what makes them good at hunting.

6. The Term Feist Was Used For Small And Noisy Dogs

The term feist was first used to describe dogs that were small and noisy. This could still apply to them today as they are still small dogs and they also do have the capacity to be noisy, especially when they are bored. They will bark as a symbol of their boredom if they do not get the exercise and stimulation that they need.

7. You Will Need Good Fencing

If you ever leave your Mountain Feist in the back yard then you will need good quality fencing. They are very good at climbing so you will need something that is quite high. You may also want to consider fencing that has some sort of foundation as they are also very good at digging and could get under the fence and escape.

8. They Need A Lot Of Exercise And Stimulation

Mountain Feists can get bored very easily and so this is something that you will need to be aware of if you are considering getting one as a pet. They will need walking several times a day and should not be left on their own for long periods. If you are out at work all day then you may want to choose a different breed of dog as they do not cope well with being alone in a small space.

9. They Are Longer Rather Than Taller

They are quite small dogs and are longer than they are taller. Despite the small size they are still strong dogs and have well defined muscles. Their eyes are usually brown and they have a black nose. Their coats are usually a mixture of light brown, black and white.

10. They Are Most Commonly Found In Southern States

Mountain Feists originated in Southern states such as Kansas and Oklahoma and this is where they are still most commonly found. They are often used as farm dogs and this suits their personalities very well. They can help protect any crops on the farm from vermin and they have plenty of space available to get the exercise that they need.

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