The Most Popular Pitbull Names of 2017

What’s in a dog’s name? Most people try to name their dog a name that is fitting for them in some form or fashion. Whether it be a trait, behavior, size of the dog or another quality that they relate to the dog. Sometimes it’s purely just a love for the name. However, most people wouldn’t relate the name “Tinkerbell” to a big, strapping dog like a Pitbull. Most names for a dog like the Pitbull, seem to fit the breed. When you think of the Pitbull breed, you probably think of big, rough-and-tough, and possibly even aggressive. So what would you name a Pitbull if you owned one? For those who are in the market for a Pitbull puppy and are looking for the most popular names for this breed that are being used this year, continue reading the article to learn tips for naming your Pitbull and see our list of the most popular Pitbull names for 2017.

How to choose a name for your Pitbull

When you choose a name for your new Pitbull, you want the name to be short, easy to remember and easy for your puppy to understand. You do not want the name to resemble a command that you will be giving your puppy for obedience orders throughout its life. This will only confuse your dog. Commands like, sit, down, off, stay, come, among others, should not resemble your dog’s name or you will have trouble training him to do what you want him to. A one or two syllable name (at the most), is typical and recommended since you will be using the name often and want it to easily roll off your tongue.

One way to help you choose, is to find two or three names you like and try them out on your puppy. Try calling him by the different names, waiting a minute or two between each, to see how he responds to each. See if he responds to one or the other better, which may indicate that he actually likes it and makes him want to listen to you better. Dogs do have feelings, you know.

Choosing a name that you didn’t put much thought into, or thought was funny at the time, might not be so funny or cute down the road and once your dog gets used to a name, it can be very difficult to change the name and get him to respond to you in the same way he once had, with the unwanted name. Remember, your dog will more than likely be living many years, hopefully to their full lifespan, and that is about ten years of having to call his or her name, and he or she has to listen to it.

Some people do like to name their dog after someone they know. If you are one of those who views naming a dog after someone is considered a tribute or honor, you may feel that way, but not everyone does, so you may want to ask the person before you make that call.

You may want to watch your puppy for a couple of days, play with him or her and get to know their personality before you decide. You may see something about their personality, or a quirky little trait they have that makes you think of a name that’s fitting. For instance, your male Pitbull puppy likes to run and slide through the kitchen to get his ball. Slider may be a name that comes to mind every time you watch him play. Or for your female pup, you noticed that her fur resembles the color of Basil in the sunlight and every time you see that, it makes you want to call her Basil. These are sometimes the best names because they mean something when you say them.

Male Pitbull names

Male names are typically going to be more masculine than the female Pitbull names, and many times they are based off of powerful people in history, strength, strong personality, powerful countries, noblemen, historical places, strong adjectives, etc. You get the idea. Here is the list of some of the most popular Pitbull names for males this year, and if you don’t find one on this list, maybe this will at least give you some ideas to brainstorm with and come up with your own, or check out other sites for more names.

1. Ace

2. Avenger

3. Bear

4. Beijing

5. Caesar

6. Capone

7. Cajon

8. Danger

9. Denali

10. Fletch

11. Gunner

12. Gus

13. Pablo

14. Quinn

15. Rambo

16. Rio

17. Samson

18. Thor

19. Viper

20. Warrior

Female Pitbull names

Though equally as strong, adding a bit of a feminine touch to a big, female dog can let people know that your dog is female, and soften the breed just a bit. Even though you might want to have a little feminine edge to your Pitbull’s name, keeping it a strong female name is fitting as opposed to naming your female Pit something too foo-foo, like Bon-Bon, or Wee-Wee. Here are 20 top female Pitbull names this year to help you get started with naming yours.

1. Addie

2. Akira

3. Baja

4. Belle

5. Casbah

6. Casey

7. Dakota

8. Danika

9. Harlow

10. Jade

11. Lady

12. Ming

13. Nika


15. Sacha

16. Stella

17. Sugar

18. Trinity

19. Nika

20. Yasmin


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