It is Possible to Rescue and Adopt a Small Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

Is it a ball of cotton or is it a small dog? Noting the differences between a cotton ball and a Bichon Frise is not always as simple as it sounds, and that’s what people love about this small and cheerful little dog.  Primarily white, some dogs in this breed do exhibit a bit of shading on its coat here and there in shades of cream and buff, and maybe even a little bit of apricot shading here and there. These are very noticeable dogs, and once you know what the breed actually is, you will never mistake it for anything else in the future. Many assume that this is a type of poodle because of its white coat and its fuzzy fur, but it’s not. The Bichon Frise is a small dog with very similar aspects to a poodle, but it is a breed all unto its own.

This little guy is hypoallergenic, which means he’s not going to shed. This is good news for those who have animal allergies but still want a dog. However, this is not good news for those who detest frequent trips to the groomer. Because this dog has a coat that never stops growing, you will need to take this little guy to the groomer as often as possible to ensure that his coat does not mat and that he doesn’t look like an overgrown duvet cover. He’s a bit high-maintenance in that aspect, but he’s a loving, gentle dog who plays well with other animals and children, making him a wonderful family pet with which your kids can grow old.

What many people fail to realize is that the Bichon Frise is a dog that can be adopted. It’s not something you’re likely to find at your local shelter as small dogs tend to be adopted very quickly and without hesitation. However, there are animal rescues for small dogs that specialize in taking in animals from their owners who are no longer capable of caring for their dogs. This is a dangerous and sad occurrence, but it does happen. When it does, owners want their dogs to go to a good home and that’s why animal rescues make it their mission to make this happen. You do not have to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a small dog; you can rescue one, save a life and save your money. We can tell you how.

Find a Small Dog Rescue

You might have to take to the internet for this, but you will find a small dog rescue in your general area. It might be one that’s a few hours away by car, but you will find one. When you do, you will need to contact the rescue and make it a point to fill out and adoption form so that when the animal of your dreams is available, you will already have that information handled. Adopting a Bichon Frise is not going to be a quick process. You will fill out adoption information, and depending on the rescue you go through you might even have to do a home check and several visits before you get the dog you want.

View the Dogs Available

There are a many Bichon Frise dogs across the country in desperate need of a loving home, and you should find dogs close to your home that are in need of a new home. You can check out the many different dogs available and choose from all that you want. What you should do when looking through the lists of available small dogs is figure out exactly what it is you are looking for in a small dog.

Do you have kids and want to raise a dog with them? If so, an older dog might not be a good solution for your family. Do you live alone and want a companion that’s already trained and capable of following instruction? An older dog might be what you need in your home. Not everyone, surprisingly, is looking for a puppy when they want to adopt a dog.

When to Wait for an Available Puppy

There are some concerns over the fact that many people want to rescue a puppy and not an older dog. No matter how many people try to tell you that an older dog is the one you should adopt, there is no reason you cannot wait for a puppy if that’s what you want. There are actually a few very good reasons you should consider a puppy over an older dog. The most prevalent reason is children. If you have small children at home, rescuing a puppy is often a better idea. That’s not to say an older Bichon wouldn’t make a wonderful companion for a family with small kids, but sometimes puppies are a better bet. Raising a puppy allows you to raise everyone together. They get used to each other from a young age. Additionally, you just never know what an adult Bichon lived like before he was a rescue, and you don’t know if he might have a temperament that might make him sensitive or aggressive if things get too loud, if there is too much activity or if a toddler were to accidentally bop the dog in the head with a toy. Sometimes safety is the best reason to go with a puppy.

When to Adopt an Older Dog

It is a beautiful thing to adopt an older Bichon. This is a dog that lives approximately 12-13 years. This means that adopting one that’s a bit older means you’ll still get plenty of time with the dog. An older dog is perfect for families who are not looking to train a dog, who are looking for one who has lost a bit of the puppy excitement and families who want a dog that’s more likely to appreciate their rescue efforts. Adult Bichon Frise dogs are very gentle, loving and kind, and they make wonderful companions. And all dogs deserve to live the remainder of their days in a home with loving family members, no matter how old.

Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

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