Rescue Dog Keeps Hugging News Reporter Until He Adopts Her

People who work in animal shelters will often have stories of people interested in adoption being chosen by the animal that they ultimately end up adopting. Animals sometimes seem to have a sixth sense about the humans that they know they are going to be able to form a loving relationship with. This was definitely the case when a dog latched onto a journalist who visited her shelter to film a story about another animal. The dog came up to the journalist and stood on her back legs to reach up and give him a hug. All of the dogs at the shelter took some interest in the journalist, but this particular dog seemed to be drawn towards him almost immediately. She reached up to give him a hug and did not seem to have any intention of letting him go.

When dogs are living in a shelter, they can sometimes be nervous around people that they don’t know. There is a high chance that they were treated badly before they came to the shelter and it can take some time for them to be able to trust people again. However, there were no signs of nervousness from this dog and she obviously felt that this man was someone who would treat her kindly. This is something that she had probably not experienced for a while before she came to the shelter. According to Dog Heirs, when the man started to pet her head in response, this just made her cling on even harder. It was clear to everyone who was present that the dog had definitely decided that there was something special about the journalist. She was looking straight at him as they continued to hug and her eyes were full of joy when the man started to stroke her head. It was clear that the two were beginning to form a special bond.

The moment was so heart warming to watch that other people at the shelter started to film the encounter and the video was widely shared on social media. A lot of the people who commented on the video had their own tales to tell about how they were chosen by the animals who were now their pets. Many of these pets then stayed with the owner they had chosen for the rest of their lives. It seemed clear to all these people that they were blessed to have been chosen by their pet and that this had bought them a lot of joy.

Covering a story at an animal shelter, a journalist was grabbed by this dog and wouldn’t let go. The journalist eventually adopted him! from aww

Tank’s Good News states that the other people at the shelter were able to confirm that the journalist and the dog had never met before. He did not have any treats or anything in his pocket which would explain why the dog was so drawn to him. There was definitely something about him though as far as the dog was concerned, and it was something that the dog felt as soon as she set eyes on him. If anyone was skeptical about animals being the ones to pick their owners, then this video would have definitely made them think twice. The dog was not just hugging the man, she was also making it clear that she did not want to let him go.

A few weeks later it emerged that the journalist had adopted the dog. This was the happy ending that people were hoping for. Everyone could see how much love the dog seemed to have for the man, and this was proof that the feeling was mutual. They would certainly have received a lot of good wishes as they embarked on their new lives together. The staff at the shelter want to see all of their animals adopted by families that will give them the love they deserve. They knew that this was something which was definitely going to happen in this case. The bond between the dog and the journalist was clear for all to see.

The story of how the journalist came to the decision to adopt the dog has not been shared and so people are only able to speculate about what really happened. The most common theory is that the journalist was simply unable to leave the dog behind when she reacted to him in the way that she did. It would be difficult to forget how much love she had showed him when they had only met a few minutes ago. The adoption process usually takes a few weeks to complete, and so it may have been the case that the journalist decided then and there that the dog would be coming home to live with him. When he arrived at the shelter that day, he probably never expected that he would be leaving with a dog of his own.

There have not been many details released about how the dog came to arrive at the shelter. There are some assumptions that can be made about the life she had before the shelter took her in. I Heart Dogs report that it looked as if she had recently had a litter of puppies and this may be why she was in so much need of a little love. Her puppies were no longer with her and so she had all this love to give, but nobody was there to receive it. She may have been waiting for some time for someone to show her some affection. The tale of this dog finding her forever home is one that has touched the hearts of everyone that has seen it. Both the dog and the journalist now have someone that they can share their love with and this is something that has made a lot of people happy. Anyone who visits a shelter looking to adopt an animal would hope that they found a pet who would react to them in a similar way. It must be a really touching moment when an animal connects with you in a way that they have never done with anyone else.

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