Rottweiler Dog Breed: What You Need to Know

Rottweilers make great pets

Muscular and very intimidating, the Rottweiler is the type of dog breed that many choose for protection purposes. Aside from choosing a Rottweiler to keep as a family pet, many people choose this very intimidating breed because it makes them feel assurance that they are safe and well-cared for. Many are terrified of the Rottweiler’s size and appearance, and that is something that has worked out well for this breed in the past. However, not everything is what it seems, and judging a book by its cover, in this case especially, is not always the wisest decision. There is so much more to the Rottweiler than many realize.

Breed History

Widespread belief is that the Rottweiler is a direct descendant of the Italian Mastiff, which the Romans brought with them to Europe. The original use of the Rottweiler to the people was as messenger. The fearless animal was used to bring messages between parries, to work with the police even back then and even to herd. For the most part, however, the Rottweiler was just as much a guard dog then as it is now.

The name Rottweiler comes from a small German town called Rottweiler, which was where the breed was bred for many years before almost becoming extinct when the 19th century arrived. It was nearly a century later than breeders made it their personal mission to bring the Rottweiler breed back from near extinction to recreate it and make it popular again. It worked, too, because the Rottweiler is one of the most popular, most common dog breeds in the country. It is a popular family pet, it is a popular watch dog and it is used for primarily the same purposes today as it was used centuries ago when the Rottweiler first became such a popular dog breed among the Europeans and the Germans.

Personality and Temperament

The Rottweiler is a very calm dog. Many mistake this dog for one with ample aggression, but it is a calm breed with devotion and intelligence. Easy to train and eager to learn, these dogs want to please their owners and protect. They are defenders, honoring their families with no limits. This is a guard dog, a protector and a best friend all rolled into one. Like many dog breeds, the Rottweiler loves his family and loves attention from those with whom he lives. However, his looks hide the fact that he is a very friendly, very calm dog that loves kids and even does well with other household pets. Highly intelligent, this is a breed often trained for police and military work, but it’s a very popular family breed that many choose to bring home as a family pet.

The Rottweiler requires training from the start. This breed needs a strong and firm leader, it needs ample socialization and it requires consistent training. It will work as hard as possible to protect his family, so anyone that poses a threat to you or yours will set this dog’s teeth on edge, and training will come in handy more than ever at this point. Laid-back when he is not protecting the family, the Rottweiler wants to cuddle with kids, play catch and enjoy time with those he loves the most.

Common Health Problems

Overall, the Rottweiler is a generally healthy breed. However, this dog is one that is sometimes prone to health issues such as ACL damage. Hip dysplasia is also common in his breed, and the Rottweiler does sometimes suffer from the narrowing of the area between the eye and eyelid, which is called entropin. These health issues should be watched out for and cared for immediately if you suspect your Rottweiler suffers from any of them. A simple call to the vet will ease your fears and diagnose any issues with an appointment.

Something that all Rottweiler owners must be very careful of is the Rottweiler’s eating habits. This large dog might seem to need more food and want more food when meals are over, but they are very much prone to obesity, which can cause more significant health problems. Make sure the Rottweiler consumes only the recommended amount of food each day to prevent his weight from skyrocketing and his overall health from declining.

Rottweiler Size and Lifestyle

The Rottweiler is nowhere near the biggest dog in the world, but he’s also not a small thing. The average size of a typical Rottweiler is anywhere from 22 to 27 inches and anywhere from 85 to 130 pounds. Males are typically on the larger end of this spectrum while female Rottweilers are a bit smaller than their female counterparts. Shedding is not a huge issue with the Rottweiler; it is average. However, you will need to brush the dog weekly and only bathe on occasion as it becomes necessary.

Despite the fact that these are larger dogs, they do not require much space indoors. They are actually mildly inactive when inside. As long the Rottweiler is properly exercised and walked on a daily basis, he or she does not need a large home. However, at least a small yard in which the Rottweiler can run around is always welcome. This breed does enjoy being active, and that means it needs time to spend outdoors playing, walking and running. Great exercise can include anything from a long walk to a jog to a game of fetch with the kids.

The Rottweiler is a dog that tends to live anywhere from 10 to 12 years, though this could vary significantly. Some dogs might not live as long as others and others might live far longer. Something all Rottweiler owners must be careful to understand, though, is the fact that these dogs are prone to giving birth to large litters. Unless you want anywhere from 10 to 12 puppies at a time, it’s a good idea to ensure that your dog is fixed so that this does not happen to you, leaving you responsible for finding homes for all these dogs.

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