The Ten Safest Cars for Dogs

Chrysler Reverses Course, Agrees To Recall 2.7 Million Jeeps

There are a lot of things people take into consideration when choosing the right breed of dog for them. But what we have noticed is, people do not seem to put the same amount of consideration into what vehicle they have to help transport that dog around. The reality is, not all cars are made with dogs in mind. Certain vehicles are just seen as less safe for dogs and other pets. This led to one of our epic discussions around the office. What are the safest cars for dogs? The good news is, the more and more we looked into it, the more we realized it is not just cars. There are plenty of safe trucks and vans that work as a great transport vehicle for dogs and other animals. Actually, you will probably be surprised how few actual cars made the list. Thanks to Edmunds for the info.

On this list, you will see many factors. Obviously, a compact car would not be good to transport a Mastiff. So you will see cars, trucks, and vans that cater to all sizes of dogs. Just making sure we are covering all our bases and not alienating any specific types of dogs or dog breeds.

Keep in mind these change every year , so we will be updating this list annually, but as of right now, January 2014, these are the ten safest cars for dogs. Well, cars, trucks, and vans, to be more accurate.

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Washington Auto Show Opens

Volvo XC70

This car makes the list because, well, it’s a Volvo. They are pretty much the safest cars in the world. But what makes the XC70 so special is that it has Volvo’s “pet barrier”, which was designed with the specific safety of pets in mind. We start the list with this entry because it is the head of the pack for safest cars for dogs.

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Australian International Motor Show

Subaru Tribeca

A couple of special things put the Tribeca on the list. One, we give huge props for having a backup camera. Anyone who has a dog knows how helpful that can be. On top of that, this vehicle’s five star crash rating doesn’t hurt in making it on the list, either. Last, the auxiliary controls on the steering wheel work brilliantly for drivers and help keep everyone in the car safe.

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New York Auto Show Showcases Over 30 New Car Models

Mitsubishi Outlander

In this case, we are thinking about traveling with some of the bigger breeds of dogs. The Outlander’s fold-flat seating makes it an ideal vehicle for anybody with large breeds, such as Mastiffs. Seriously, if you think you are fitting a mastiff into a compact car, you are sadly mistaken.

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Los Angeles Auto Show Previews Latest Car Models

Mazda 5

Believe it or not, pet safety seats are becoming more and more common place for drivers with animals. The Mazda 5 has multiple spots there seats can be tethered to for maximum safety. Glad to see more car designers are beginning to design with pets in mind.

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Seoul Motor Show Begins

Kia Seoul

In this case, the airbags seal the deal. You may not want to think what would happen if you were driving with your dog and you got into an accident, but maybe you need to. That is why the Seoul is here. The side curtain airbags that deploy during an accident can mean all the difference to a dog. Good to know it is not just Volvo keeping safety in mind for all its passengers.

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Chrysler Reverses Course, Agrees To Recall 2.7 Million Jeeps

Jeep Liberty

Though it has had some bad reputation moments in its career, the Jeep Liberty is a pet-lovers vehicle for the simple fact that they offer specialized pet travel gear to their customers. Heck, some models even come with a dog carrier and pet ramp. How awesome is that?

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Automakers Debut New Models At The Los Angeles Auto Show

Hyundai Tucson

Besides being a well-known and respected vehicle, sometimes it is the little touches that land one of these vehicles on the list. In this case, it is the privacy glass that blocks the severity of the sun’s rays. Why would something that simple make the list? Because if a dog is ever left in one of these cars on a warm day with the sun blazing, god forbid. That glass could make the difference between life and death. We cannot help but take a moment to commend that. Frankly, we hope that becomes mandatory on all vehicles one day.

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Chicago Auto Show Launches With Media Preview

GMC Acadia

Again, this one makes the list as more of a matter of comfort. Often, cars do not have climate control for both the front and rear of car. In Acadia’s case, it does. This means Fido can ride with you on a hot day, but can ride with you in comfort. Heck, even on cold days you could take him for a drive and trick him into thinking it is tropical. More than safety, this one is making the list for improving quality of life for the dog.

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Gov't to Extend Funding To Cash For Clunkers Car Exchange Program

Ford Flex

We wanted to give props to the Flex for its spaciousness. That may seem silly, but have you ever tried to get a big dog to get through a car door? They are not always the most giving, spaciously. But the Flex very wide door openings. Yes, that is enough for us. That, matched with the space, makes this a must-own for dog lovers who also love taking their dogs on their adventures.

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Dodge Journey

Again, quite specious and accomodating, the Journey has one feature that none of these others do, and that feature landed it on our safest cars for dogs list. What feature is that? A chilled, in-dash cooler. Keeping cold water and tasty treats for Fido on long road trips can make all the difference with keeping the dog happy (and thus, relaxed) which in turn, keeps everyone on the road a bit safer.

So what do you guys think? Do any of these safest cars for dogs surprise you? Take to the comments and let us know, and then head over to our Facebook page and toss up a like for us.

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