The History and Evolution of National Dog Day

Each year, there’s a dedicated day that celebrates all dogs and dog lovers alike. The goal of National Dog Day is to honor dogs of all kinds and to remember that there are dogs that need rescuing everywhere in the world. There are millions of dogs that are homeless and abused in the US alone. If these dogs don’t suffer death in the streets, many of them are taken into shelters and eventually euthanized for various reasons. The animal shelter system has many flaws, but either way, the existing system in place could only handle so many dogs coming in. National Dog Day was established to acknowledge what’s lacking and to encourage work to make things better for man’s best friend.

Colleen Paige

Central to the establishment of National Dog Day is Colleen Paige, an advocate for dogs and all animals in general. Paige also founded several other philanthropic national days including National Puppy Day, National Mutt Day, and National Cat Day among many others. Of course, the overall goal for these days is to encourage animal lovers everywhere to open up their hearts and homes into adopting dogs that are in need of a forever home. The truth is there are millions more dogs that go into the system than ones that actually get adopted by individuals and families. It’s an unfortunate and uncomfortable truth that needs drastic addressing as soon as possible.

National Dog Day

National Dog Day is celebrated every year on the same day, August 26. There’s a reason why the national day is celebrated on that particular day in August. It’s all to commemorate a memory that’s significant to the founder’s heart. That day so many years ago was the day when Colleen and her family adopted their first pet, Sheltie. Colleen was only 10 years old when she met Sheltie for the first time, and the experience of adopting her first dog is something that will stay with Colleen to this day. It could’ve easily been the defining moment that set Colleen towards the path of animal advocacy. National Dog Day was established in 2005, and each year, more and more people are participating in the movement.

All About Dogs

There are so many different breeds of dogs that are recognized on National Dog Day. Every single dog in the nation is in a different situation. There are many that have a good home and ownership in place. There are also many that work as rescue dogs in local communities throughout the US. Dogs have proven time and again to be useful in law enforcement. Dogs help the disabled, the mentally ill, and those who may just need company. Still, there are even more that actually serve our country overseas through the military. There a dogs that stand alongside men and women in uniform, sacrificing their lives every day to allow the rest of us to live our lives in freedom.

It’s such a positive idea that sometimes makes us forget how large populations of dogs actually live. Unfortunately, some dog breeds suffer more just because they are what they are. National Dog Day is about dogs of all breeds. Colleen and the people behind the philanthropic day does not support breed bans. They encourage potential owners to find their pet through an adoption list first before going through other methods. If you’re looking for a purebred, check pure breed dog rescue centers first to see if an animal might capture your heart. This will help towards the goal of eliminating dogs that have to be killed each year from mere overpopulation.

How to Celebrate National Dog Day

You might not be moved to adopt a dog on National Dog Day, but there are certainly plenty of other ways that you can contribute to the movement. One way you can help the plight is by donating to an organization directed towards helping dogs and other animals in any way. Local humane societies or even national organizations such as ASPCA help many animals in need every day. You can also donate pet food, toys, and blankets if you can’t donate money. If you are not in the position to give anything or if you are simply moved to do so, you could always volunteer your time and energy. Help is always needed in animal rescue efforts.

If you’re not a dog owner, take some time to watch your favorite dog flick for a good laugh. Otherwise, spend some time with your beloved companion, and show it how much you appreciate its companionship, its affection, and most of all, its mere existence.

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