The Top 10 Pet Friendly Airlines


People travel with their pets quite often.  But for the most part it’s usually in the family car.   When a family decides to vacation for an extended period of time, often times they’ll leave their dogs in a kennel or with other loved ones in the family that they trust.  However, if you are a pet owner and you feel the need to take your pets with you, fear not because we have a list of 10 pet friendly airlines.


Alaska Airlines – Pets may sometimes not be allowed as Chked Bags during winter months; Health Certificate within 30 days; Now allowed to Hawaii with process at:


America West/US Airways – The in-cabin weight limit is 20 pounds including the kennel that must be able to fit under the seat. Only 6 pets can be on board at one time. They are not allowed as cargo on any flights. There are no reservations for dogs so they suggest arriving early.

frontier plane with wolf on tail

Frontier Airlines – Pets are allowed in cabins; they must fit comfortably in a 24 L” X 15½” W X 10” H; The kennel in cabins must be able to fit under the seat, and be in either the aisle or center seats only.

united airlines booted for picture

United Airlines – Contact 800-575-3335 for the “PetSafe” desk; 10 day Health Certificate


American Airlines – Dogs, including the kennel, can weigh no more than 100 pounds for the cargo area, 20 pounds in the cabin. Dogs are not allowed in the cabin for International flights to certain countries. Dogs are not allowed to be flown to the UK , and there are no dogs allowed in the cabin on flights to Hawaii

air canada

Air Canada – Pets are again allowed on domestic Canadian/North American flights; Health Certificate rqd plus some shots. There are many winter blackout days for cargo travel. Dog plus Kennel max. weight in Cabin – 20 pds. 70 pound max. in cargo (with kennel)


Jet Blue – 4 pets allowed per flight; 20 lbs or less (with kennel) in cabin. Pets cannot be booked online.


Delta Airlines – Only 4 pets allowed per flight, so check ahead and confirm pet at reservation time. There is no cert required for domestic flights. Dogs up to 20 pds in cabin. Dogs up to 100 pds in cargo. No snub-nosed dogs in cargo.


Southwest Air – Dogs in cabin must fit in a carrier under the seat and be no heavier than 10 pds (not including kennel). Reservations with pets must be made by phone. The middle seats have the most room for pets at 19w x 8.25h x 19l


Virgin Airlines – Pets can only be booked in the Main Cabin (Coach) and can not weigh over 20 pounds including the kennel which can be no larger than 18X15X8. Proof of current vaccinations is required.

Thanks to Dogfriendly for these picks

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