The Top 10 Dog Crates on the Market Today

Dogs and dog crates kind of go hand-in-hand. They are one of the products that most dog owners will own, and they are used for multiple reasons. For some dogs, they really are a necessity. They may need to be crated while the owner is away at work to keep the dog out of trouble, they are often used for bedtime, house breaking puppies and good dog behavior skills, and of course, they are used for travel and transporting dogs. The crate you choose is important. You want to get the right crate for you and for your dog. There are a lot of different types of crates and depending on what you plan to use the crate for, that can play a role in which one you buy. There is also size, durability, and the comfort factor that will also be a part of the decision making process. If you are in the market for a crate for your dog, seeing which crates are considered the best may be important to you, and we know which ones they are. To find out, keep reading, because here are the top ten dog crates on the market today.

10. Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate – $43.19

This is a very stylish and comfortable dog crate and also a very convenient crate for dog owners who like to be on the go with the dog. The crate was designed with a tubular, steel frame that is sturdy, washable, and light weight. The mesh sidings give it an openness feeling for your dog so that he feels he is a part of the world outside, all while still being completely safe and contained in his crate. The crate folds down for easy storage and toting with you when your dog isn’t in it, and you will enjoy having a choice of two-doors for access into and out of the crate. The nylon shell is waterproof and easy to clean, and the bottom mat is removable and washable, making cleaning this crate, a breeze. The crate comes with two storage bags, and altogether will cost you just $43.19, should you decide to order this dog crate, which is one of the top dog crates on the market today.

9. Ruff Maxx Kennel – $28.88

If your dog is from 10-20 pounds, this is an excellent crate by Ruff Maxx. Sturdy, strong and durable, your dog will be comfortable sleeping, lounging, or traveling in this crate. You’ll feel relaxed knowing your dog is secure inside and unable to escape, yet he is comfortable with the ventilated sides and door so that he can still view the environment around him and not be fearful. The durable plastic shell is equipped with heavy-duty, and easy to assemble wing nut and bolt hardware, a metal door that opens and shuts with a squeeze latch. It is one crate that meets the recommended requirements for air travel with most airlines, but it is always best to check with each individual airlines before using for flight. This is a very affordable crate, so whether you are using it for puppy training, car travel, or just a comfortable lounging and sleeping crate for your dog, you can’t go wrong with the Ruff Maxx.

8. Dogit Deluxe Soft Crate with Bag – $134.99

You’ll love this dog crate, and so will your dog. Super stylish, this crate looks as luxurious as it is. It is the ideal crate for training purposes, traveling, even toting your dog to pet shows. The crate is light weight, yet very durable and very safe for your pet. It’s made of a tough waterproof fabric, which makes it the ideal crate for camping and outdoor usage. For added convenience, you have the choice of using front, side, or top entry doors. When your dog isn’t using his crate, simply fold it up and put it away wherever you need to store it.

7. Petmate Plastics Compass Kennel – $39.95

Your dog has a lot to look at, and he will be able to see all around him when he’s in the Petmate Plastics Compass Kennel. With a 360 degree ventilation on both top and bottom of this crate, he will feel comfortable and be at ease knowing he can see his environment around him. The front of the crate has an oversized door for easy entry and exit from the crate, and the door latch is secure, yet easy to open and close. This is an airline approved crate, since it is made of the hard, durable plastic required for flight, so there’s no need to have to buy another crate specifically for travel. This crate will take care of all your dog crate needs, from training, sleeping, traveling, and toting to doctor’s appointments.  If this is the crate for your dog, just pay $39.95 and have it shipped directly to you.

6. Petmate Sky Kennel – $93.40

The Sky Kennel is a crate you can use for many purposes, especially travel. It’s high-strength plastic construction makes it the perfect travel kennel and it’s rated as one of the top crates on the market today. It also comes with ‘Live Animal’ labels for alerting and identifying your pet as an animal inside. It also comes with an absorbent for those unexpected accidents, along with food and water cups for traveling. Your pet will be comfortable inside with the 360 degree ventilation the crate offers, including side windows, which also let your dog see the world around him and not feel claustrophobic or nervous. Be sure to always check with each airlines before using for air travel to be sure of their requirements. This is a kennel for dogs from 50-70 pounds.

5. Hard Cover Pet Carrier – Collapsable Pet Travel Kennel for Small Dogs – $31.97

This dog crate is super cool and almost looks like some kind of “pod” out of a Sci-fi movie. It’s stylish in design and color, and has several really nice features, including that both the top and bottom are hard surfaces, (and waterproof), which are the two areas you need them to be hard most of all. Your dog will have a firm place to stand, (but is also equipped with a soft, padded mat on the floor, too, for comfort), and the hard top means protection overhead for your pet. It measures 17 inches long, 13 inches high, and 14 inches wide, which means that it is suitable for small dogs. This is a lightweight crate; the entire thing only weighs 2.2 pounds, making it easy to carry with your pet inside. It also designed with a mesh door so your pet can see out and all around him. Another neat feature is the way you can stow it away. It collapses and both bottom and top zipper together to make a neat little package so you can put it away in small spaces.

4. Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel – $39.95

Petmate is a company that knows dog crates. They make their kennels strong, durable, comfortable for your dog, and most of all, safe. This two-door, top-loading kennel is perfect for crate training your puppy, sleeping and lounging time, and traveling, including airline travel, as it meets the requirements for most airlines. The secure wing-nut and bolt design secures the top of the crate to the bottom and can be loosened and undone to remove the top. It also features a steel front door, comfortable carry handle, and a water cup. It’s not only stylish, but very functional for all kinds of uses for your dog.  The crate is affordable too, at just $39.95, you can have one sent right to you.

3. Precision Pet Care 1-Door 2000 Crate – $39.37

Precision Pet Products is a well-known pet product manufacturer and have been constructing high quality wire crates for over 30 years. Safety is first and most important to the company. They want your pets to be safe and comfortable to put your mind at ease, which is why they make their wire crates with long-lasting black electro-coat finish so that they are safe, durable, and comfortable. They are also very affordable, like this one. This is a crate that lets you adjust the room size inside with the use of a divider panel so that you control how much room your dog has since puppies do not require as much as an adult dog. The crate has one door to let your dog in and out, an easy clean pan that pulls out easily, and re-installs easily, too. You can fold this crate when it’s not being used so that you can store it or carry it (without your pet), where you need to much more easily than when it’s full-sized.

2. MidWest iCrate Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crates – $22.28

This is not only a great crate for your dog, but ta great price. For $22.28, the Midwest iCrate dog crate is great for puppy training and crating your adult dog once he’s grown. Your dog will feel and be secure in the Midwest iCrate, and you’ll feel better knowing he’s secure inside, with the slide-bolt latches, along with the durable satin-black Electro-Coat finish. He won’t be able to chew through any part of the cage, or unlatch the door latches. For carrying the crate, it is designed with plastic handles that are comfortable to hold, and carrying the crate from here-to-there without your dog inside is easy too. It folds down for easy toting and storing. What makes this crate unique is, you can use the divider panel for the inside to adjust the living space as your dog grows, keeping it smaller for a puppy, and increasing the size as he matures into adulthood.

1. Majestic Pet Products Single Door Folding Dog Crate – $111.17

For a simple dog crate that gives your dog a comfortable place to rest, sleep, and travel, this is at the top of the list of the best dog crates on the market today. It’s a 42 inch dog crate that is perfect for your puppy training needs, and can stay with him throughout his lifetime as a place for your adult dog to retreat to when he wants to relax, or sleep in, and travel in on car rides. It’s made with wire that has a durable black electro-coat finish to keep it safe and durable for a lifetime. When the crate isn’t in use, it easily folds to be stored away, or fold it when you need to tote it. For easy clean ups, the bottom, plastic pan is easily removed, washable, and simple to re-install. The front door is equipped with a sliding bolt latch so that you know your dog is secure inside. To make sure your dog is comfortable in any crate, measure your pet from head to tail, and from his paw, to the top of his head. A crate should be 4 inches taller than his height measurement when standing, and 4 inches longer than his measurement from head to tail. This particular crate works well for many different breeds. A few of the breeds this crate is recommended for include, Chow Chow, Labrador, Standard Poodle, Border Collie, and Golden Retriever.

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