The Top Five Dog Toys for Larger Breeds

Large breeds of dogs are known for their strong teeth and jaws. With such big mouths and the strength that comes with them, you know the damage these big dogs can inflict on their toys. If you own a larger breed, such as a Great Dane or Mastiff, then you understand the frustration of having to constantly buy new toys to replace chewed up and disintegrated pieces of plush toys, and other chew toys that just don’t measure up to your dog’s jaw and teeth strength. Maybe you aren’t buying the right toys that are geared toward larger breeds. Many pet companies understand the difference between small and larger breeds when it comes to what they are capable of, and they design toys that are meant specifically for those breeds that need extra durability in their play toys. If you are looking for the perfect toys for your big canine, then take a look at the following five dog toys for larger breeds.

5. Kong Extreme dog toy – $6.79

Kong is known for making some of the strongest dog toys in the industry. Trainers are sold on the toys and often used their products during training. They not only offer dogs stimulating toys that help them to learn to play, but they help satisfy their need for chewing. These are extremely durable toys that are geared for dogs with strong jaws and teeth so that they can’t readily destroy them and create a mess or a health risk with choking on broken pieces. The Extreme toy also allows you to insert treats, which are tactics used in training sessions, or anytime you want to excite and engage your dog even more.

4. Kong Wubba dog toy – $6.49

Another favorite toy for larger breeds is the Kong Wubba dog toy. This is a great, interactive dog toy that is strong, durable, and virtually indestructible because it is reinforced with nylon fabric that covers two balls – a tennis ball on the top and a fun, squeaky ball underneath. For fun games with your dog, use the Wubba toy to play fetch and tug-of-war. Your large breed will have great fun playing with a toy that is easy to pick up, carry, and chew on without it breaking apart. It’s also easy for you to grab, with the long tail extending at the end. It comes in a variety of colors, and is only $6.49 so have a look and order one for your big, furry friend.

3. Jolly Romp and Roll Ball – $8.39

Give your large dog a reason to get out and play fetch with you when he’s got the Jolly Romp and Roll ball. A large breed of dog, like a Great Dane or German Shepherd, needs to chew, and they need interaction with their human, and they can get all of their needs met with this very durable dog toy. It’s easy to grip, easy to throw, and easy for your dog to retrieve and carry. The ball will not deflate and it’s strong enough to endure the strong pressure and grip of bigger breeds. This is really two toys in one, and for just $8.39,  you can give your dog a lasting toy that he’ll spend hours playing with, and chewing on to satisfy his gigantic need to chew.

2.Multipets Nuts for Knots dog toy with Tug – $7.59

This heavy duty dog toy is designed of tough rope that is thick and durable for those larger breeds of dogs who like to play rough. The Nuts for Knots toy has a large ball-shaped at one end, and a tug-of-war rope at the other so that you can play different types of games with your big canine. Toss the toy like a ball, and he can chase it. While he’s hanging on to the ball, grab the looped in and tug to get your dog interacting with you. Your large breed dog will also enjoy chewing on this toy because it won’t rip apart, fray, or come undone. It’s the perfect tug, chew, and fetch toy for larger breeds, like, Mastiffs, Great Danes, St. Bernard’s, and any other large dog that has a powerful chew.  If you order one for your dog, you’ll just pay $7.59.

1. Goughnuts original dog chew ring – $21.31

You need tough toys for your large dog’s tough bite. So many toys get destroyed easily when big dogs grab, pull and chew on them. That’s because many owners buy any dog toy for any sized dog, when what they really need, are their own toys that are meant for bigger bites and stronger jaws. Goughnuts are very strong and durable chew toys for larger breeds of dogs that want to play and not have their toys fall apart, which also happens to be very unsafe for your pet if that happens. Goughnuts come in ball shapes, rings and sticks. They are designed by mechanical and polymer engineers, which means, they have to be strong and durable. As a matter-of-fact, if your dog actually chews through the outer layer and reaches the inner, red layer, they will replace the toy at no cost. The colors of the toys are black and green, which are the safe colors for your dog to chew, if you see red, your dog needs to give the toy up because he’s chewed through.  get out and there and play with your large dog with these fun toys. They’re meant for any breed over 40 lbs, so take a closer look by clicking on the following link and order yours for just $21.31.

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