The Top Five Schnauzer Rescues In the United States

Schnauzers hail fro Germany. They are a small breed of dog that were often used as ratting dogs. They are considered to be good guard dogs, without the tendency to bite. Their personality is described as being spunky, but a bit aloof and they have become a very popular breed in the US due to their great dispositions and size. They have a very squared-off build and look to them. The fur on the body is generally kept fairly short, while the legs, belly, ears and facial hair is retained at a longer length. Training Schnauzers is not usually difficult. They are obedient by nature, and eager to please by following your commands. Because of this, they are often seen in obedience showmanship competitions. Schnauzers do require regular grooming in order to keep their facial fur and muzzle tangle-free and properly shaped into the Schnauzer look they are known for. Schnauzers are so loved, that organizations have formed across the country to help rescue Schnauzers that have been abandoned, strayed, or given up for multiple reasons. Schnauzer rescues do remarkable jobs helping Schnauzers get medical treatment, caring for them, and finding them new, forever homes. These are the top five Schnauzer rescues in the US.

1. Schnauzer Love Rescue, inc.

Schnauzer Love Rescue is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to finding new, permanent homes for miniature Schnauzers that are unwanted, abandoned, and for families who choose to, or have to give up their pet for a variety of reasons. SLR places Miniature Schnauzers in permanent homes using their “Family Match Program,” which is a thorough research and matching system they utilize in order for them to make the best decisions, and best matches for both Schnauzer and owner. They claim that the program may require for their volunteers to spend more time, travel and effort, but it in the end, it works well, and they have had better outcomes in finding the perfect home for each pet. SLR works with 46 foster homes that take in a steady flow of mini-Schnauzers and get them ready to be placed in their forever home. They currently have locations in Alabama, Florida, the Florida Panhandle, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina, all of them helping Miniature Schnauzers find a happy home.

2. Standard Schnauzer Rescue Program (Operating through the Standard Schnauzer Club of America)

The Standard Schnauzer Club of America understands that sometimes, families need to give up a pet for various reasons. These pets are now homeless to no fault of their own; divorce, death, illness, or another reason, and they need rescuing. SSCA operates their own Standard Schnauzer Rescue Program to help abandoned and relinquished Schnauzers find new, permanent homes. Between 12 and 15 dogs are placed in new homes each year across the country. The average age and sex of the dogs that are placed, is five years and older and the dogs happen to typically be male. SSRP wants people to know that rescued Schnauzers make great pets. For people who don’t have time to train a dog, an older dog can have a lot of benefits, according to the SSRP. Older dogs are typically housebroken, leashed trained, and may have obedience training. SSRP advices for new owners to be patient with their new dog due to the changes they will experience going to a new home. Over time, they will meld right into your home and into your heart.

3. Schnauzer Rescue Cincinnati

They began their Schnauzer rescue back in 2004 with Sarge, a 9 year old Schnauzer with diabetes. Since then, the organization began taking Schnauzers and Schnauzer mixes in, regardless of health or age. A group of hard workers, dedicated to taking care of senior dogs, and those with health issues, began to try to home Schnauzers who needed a permanent home, with the right families. The organization is a 501C3 organization and is a fast-growing one. There are currently members of the organization in multiple states: Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Delaware and Florida. Their goal is focused on saving as many Schnauzers as possible to prevent them from being euthanized. In their efforts, they also work closely with other rescues to aid in their mission to help pets find homes. They are always in need of supplies to help their efforts: leashes, dog food, collars, a variety of any dog supplies are always helpful.

4. New Jersey Schnauzer Rescue Network, Inc.

NJSRN is a group of highly committed people who are always trying to find good, loving homes for Schnauzers who are in need of rescuing. They also work with Miniature Schnauzers and Schnauzer mixes across the Northeastern part of the US. The organization was originally founded in New Jersey in 1997, and incorporated in 2001. The entire staff is purely volunteer basis and are located in several states, including NJ, NY< Connecticut, Delaware and Pennsylvania. They are active with multiple rescue organizations, including Mayor’s Alliance for New York City’s Animals. Their mission, of course, is to help Schnauzers who have been relinquished, abandoned, left alone or strays, to find a permanent, forever home that will love them for the rest of their lives.

5. HT-Z Giant Schnauzer Rescue

HT-Z Giant Schnauzer Rescue was founded by Carolyn Janak in the year 2000 in memory of Hertha Thomas Zagari who favored the Giant Schnauzer breed. This is a 501 C3 organization that serves only the Gian Schnauzer breed, however, they are the only rescue organization that serves all 50 states across the United States. The organization has helped many unfortunate Giant Schnauzers who have lost their homes for a number of different reasons, find new homes that are loving and can give the dog a good, stable home for the rest of their lives. They offer advice on how to take care of their Schnauzer and will let you know what to expect when you become the parent of a newly adopted Giant.


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