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Believe it or not, there was a time when bringing you pet on vacation with you often meant trying to sneak him into the hotel you were staying at. Many years back, there were no pet friendly hotels, and you just had to try to be all slick to manage to get them past everyone one. This wasn’t always easy. Once you had the dog in with you, what do you think happened if it barked or got out? That would bring an end to your vacation, mighty quickly.

Thankfully, for dog lovers and all animal lovers, there are many pet friendly hotels that exist now and make traveling with your furry companions that much easier. Who says Fido has to stay in kennel when the family goes somewhere nice? Thanks to places like this, your dog (or cat, or ferret, and so on) can come with you on vacation. Just keep in mind, there are still many things to consider when bringing your pet on vacation with you.

But once you have figured out all aspects of the trip and that it would be a great idea to bring your pet along, make sure to check into one of these wonderful pet friendly hotels. Not only will it make your trip better, but it will keep Fido happy and entertained, too. Here are the ten best pet friendly hotels. We compiled our lists by checking out some other lists (like here and here) and merging the best of the best onto one list.

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The Fairmont Hotel

Not only do they have great accommodations for dogs, but they also have dog concierges. Yes, we are not making that up. To start the list any other way would have just been foolish of us.

Kimpton Hotels

Not only are they pet friendly, but they have two mini-bars. One for the human guests, and a special mini-bar for the dogs. Try and wrap your brain around that. A special mini-bar, just crammed full of awesome dog treats. Well played, Kimpton. You earned your spot!

Ten Thousand Waves Inn

More of a spa than just a hotel or inn, what sets Ten Thousand Waves apart is that there are spots for guests dogs to run, and even special beds for them, too. Just don’t let your dogs use the hot tub. That is the one place they draw the line. We learned that lesson that hard way. Just kidding.

Loews Hotels

They are known for being dog lovers. They even give care packages when you show up with your pet that include a water bowl, a new dog tag, and some treats. So even if you are not sure how you feel, you at last know your dog loves it, the minute they walk in.

Trump International Hotel and Tower

Who would have known Donald Trump was such a dog lover? Well, we did, and he proves it with this hotel which offers dog beds, among many other luxuries if your canine companions are traveling with you. On top of that, you factor in just how nice the place is, and you really cannot miss taking your pups (and yourself) there.

Top London Hotels

Mandarin Oriental Hotels

Honestly, what we love about the Mandarin is that your dog is treated like royalty. Not only will it get gourmet treats and a plush bed for themselves, they are also likely to get greeted (by name) by the staff at this wonderful hotel. It just adds a real element of joy when they treat your dog like a guest and not just a dog. Oh, and your dog will LOVE the attention.

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W Hotels

Well known for their wonderful P.A.W.S program (which means, pets are welcome), and also known for something else that kind of sets them apart. The San Francisco chain offers up Bowser beer for the dogs at bedtime. A non-alcoholic brew to top off their day. That may officially be the most insane thing we have ever written. Thing is, it is safe and the dogs love it so no harm, no foul, and some big points for originality.

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London 2012 - Hotels

The Ritz-Carlton

We all know this chain well because of Paris Hilton, but we also know that Paris don’t go anywhere without her dogs, so we can’t even be that mad at her. This fact is, the Ritz is a great place to go if you want both you and your dog to feel pampered.

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XV Beacon

This Boston hotel is famous for serving their canine guests homemade dog treats (that dogs just adore) and they ask all guests who stay with dogs to give a (voluntary) twenty-five dollars, which they then donate to the ASPCA. That earns them some extra credit in our book.

Hyatt Regency - General Atmosphere - 2010 Toronto International Film Festival

Hyatt Regency

Their 4Paws program is what lands the Hyatt Regency on the list. What makes the 4Paws program so awesome is that the hotel has an actual dog ambassador (who is also an awesome dog named Uno) who introduces all the dogs to the place. If that is not both cute and awesome to you, you are clearly on the wrong site right now. So what hotels do you think are the best pet friendly hotels? Did we miss any? Take to the comments and let us know what you think.

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