How to Train Your Staffordshire Bull Terrier

staffordshire bull terrier

So much debate surrounds the existence of pit bulls and the dogs that belong to their family. These beautiful dogs are often given a bad reputation as being dangerous, aggressive and horrible dogs that are out to eat people, attack and terrorize. This is just not the truth. Yes, it happens. And yes, we see it on the news more than we care to admit. But in the defense of this beautiful breed, we should consider how many pit bull breeds we do not see on the news who are kind and loving to their families, and how many other breeds are awful to people. All dogs are dogs; and they all have the same chance of becoming good dogs or bad dogs, and it all depends on the way in which they were raised. If a dog goes to a home with an irresponsible owner, a dog is probably going to become an irresponsible dog. If an owner makes the decision to teach a dog to become aggressive and nasty, a dog is going to become aggressive and nasty. If you want to raise a Staffordshire bull terrier to become a kind, loving, loyal and protective dog, you will find that it’s entirely possible to do just that. You just have to be a good leader and a wise trainer.

The Staffordshire bull terrier was officially recognized as a breed back in 1974 by the American Kennel Club, and it is described as a dog that loves to exercise and run around, and that it can be a destructive breed if it is not properly exercised and taken out. What this means is that you might want to watch your furniture and other belongings if this particular breed happens to be left alone in the house for too long without exercise and proper care. They will become bored and look for something they deem interesting in which to engage.

The AKC describes this dog as one that is kind and loving, loyal and even affectionate. It also describes this breed as one that is tenacious, stubborn and very brave. All in all, it’s a very gentle dog when properly taught. With that in mind, we’ve decided to give you a few what NOT to do items if you’re planning on bringing a Staffordshire bull terrier into your home anytime in the near future. It’s going to help you make the most of your dog ownership, and your family.

Do Not Forget to Socialize Your Dog

The one thing that might make or break your dog’s behavior is early and frequent socialization. A Staffordshire bull terrier is bound to become a much better dog and a much friendlier dog if it is allowed to play with other dogs, animals and people on a regular basis. Go ahead and make it a habit to have frequent visitors so that your dog can get used to this kind of setting. It’s going to be something that helps tremendously when your dog is training.

Do Not Neglect Your Dog

There is no reason a dog owner should ever neglect a dog, but it happens more than many people care to admit. You’re going to want to ensure that your dog is not neglected and that it is taken care of quite well. You will want to keep the dog out of trouble by exercising it and taking it out regularly. You will want to keep the dog indoors with you and not relegate the animal to the great outdoors as a way of punishing it or raising it. Be kind and treat it as part of the family.

Do Not use Painful Discipline

Dogs that are abused become skittish, fearful and quite dangerous. A dog that is scared at all times and does not know what to expect is more likely to bite and attack than one that is not treated in this manner. Do yourself and your dog a favor and treat it with respect and it will end up being one of the most loyal and wonderful dogs on the planet.

Do Not Forgo Proper Training

Dogs need proper training. Once a Staffordshire bull terrier becomes an adult, it becomes that much more difficult to train. The good news is that this is not a breed difficult to train as a young puppy, but it is one that will need constant attention and proper training skills if you expect the dog to learn how to properly behave when instructed.

Do Not Forget to be Consistent

Consistency is the key to proper training and a well-behaved dog. A dog is not going to become well-behaved and it is not going to learn easily or well if it is not treated with consistency. What we mean is that you cannot forgo discipline or rules one day and then pick them up again the next. You cannot show leniency one day and not the next. Your dog will learn best if you are constant and consistent with your discipline and punishment, and he or she is going to learn to behave like a great animal when you treat the dog with this kind of behavior.

Do Not Forget to Show Positive Reinforcement

The best way to teach anyone – kids, adults and dogs – is to use positive reinforcement. No one likes to constantly hear all that they fail to do correctly, but the really do love to hear when you are proud of them when they do something correctly. It’s easier said than done in some instances, but your Staffordshire bull terrier is certainly going to learn more from your positive reinforcement than it is from your lack of positive reinforcement. Offer rewards and treats, love and affection and kind words. You will be very surprised just how well your dog responds to this kind of behavior. It’s going to benefit everyone involved in the raising of your dog, and you’re going to see a tangible difference in the way your dog responds to you and commands when you use positive reinforcement.

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