Unique Celebrity Baby Names that Make Much Better Dog Names


The name your dog has is one that will stick with him or her for a lifetime. And what’s more fun than naming your new girl something that was inspired by a celebrity? Celebrity baby names are not always names we understand for kids. In fact, most of us raise an eyebrow and shake our head when the latest celebrity baby name is revealed. However, these are names that make amazing and unique names for dogs; they just work better that way. Here are a few of our absolute favorite celebrity baby names turned puppy names. You’ll see why we love them so much more this way.

Blue Ivy

While we all love Beyonce and Jay-Z and we understand their talent far surpasses that of most people in the world, we don’t understand their baby name choices completely. Blue is a color. It’s not a name for a little girl. But you know what? It’s fine; this is a free country and people can name their kids whatever they want. We can’t help it if their name selections are far better suited to that of a puppy than a little girl, but that’s just us. Blue Ivy makes an adorable puppy name for a little one running around the house, particularly if you choose to use the name on a dog such as a blue pit bull or something of that nature. It’s oh-so appropriate.


It’s the name chosen by Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas and her husband, actor Josh Duhamel, for their young son. It’s a great name for a little boy who is going to grow up and lead a biker gang (kidding, of course, we love our bikers – not so much gangs – and we think the name is fun). In all seriously, Axle is a strong name for a boy that’s going to grow up and turn into a leader. It’s fun and it’s different, but it’s not so different that we are horrified someone would use this name on their child. What we do think, however, is that Axle – while cute on Fergie’s baby – is such an awesome name for a dog. It’s strong, it sounds mean and it’s a name that’s going to work really well with a dog whose goal in life is to intimidate.


Jett is a name that’s commonly used on little boys across the country, particularly some celebrities. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a great name for a dog as well. The kind of dog we think would make an awesome Jett is a big dog that’s sleek. Jett would work really well for a Great Dane or other large, slender dog that looks like it would be really fast and very sophisticated. We like this name, and we think it should be added to the best list of celebrity-inspired dog names.


A maltipoo or cockapoo or some other small, sweet dog of that nature would make a perfect Tallulah. It’s so flowery and delicate sounding, and it just seems like the perfect name for a little princess of a dog that hangs out in a designer handbag walking through five-star hotels on a regular basis. Our imaginations are running away with us at the moment. This is the name that Bruce Willis and Demi Moore chose to give one of their daughters, and while the name works just fine for her, we still think a small, fluffy, furry ball of a dog that never gets bigger than a purse would make an even better Tallulah.


Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have done it again. In fact, all three of their daughters have interesting names you don’t often hear used for little girls, but that’s their business. Our business is to discuss why this name makes such a great name for a pup. To be honest, it’s a name you hear all the time when people talk about their dogs. When we picture Scout the dog, we picture a dog that has black and white spots, maybe a Dalmatian. We also think of a hunting dog, or a friendly little lap dog that just loves his people and wants attention all the time. Scout sounds like a perfect name for an energetic little dog with a tongue that hangs free of his mouth on a regular basis.

Fifi Trixibelle

It’s not a new name in the world of Hollywood celebrities. It’s the name Bob Geldof and Paula Yates chose when they had their daughter. While we’re certain that this name was meant to be something Southern-like, it didn’t quite work out. Not to judge them for choosing this particular name for their daughter but if we’re completely honest, it’s safe to say that every single portion of this name is dog oriented. Fifi. Trixi. Belle. They’re all dog names, or Disney Princess names. Either way, it’s definitely the name of a celebrity child, but it’s a much better, much more unique name for a dog. Any dog, really. They’re such common dog names in so many different breeds.

Memphis Eve

The names, when used individually, are great. When used together, however, they don’t work out so well for a child. For a dog, though, they’re great! The celebrity who chose to name his child Memphis Eve is none other than Bono, from U2. Why he chose this name for a child, we don’t know. What we do imagine, however, is that he might be one of those people who just can’t help themselves when it comes to naming their children after the place they may or may not have been conceived.  Memphis on a beautiful summer’s eve (Christmas eve, Halloween eve?). This is just our imagination running with the name and the person who chose it, so let’s not start any rumors (Rumor: The name of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s third daughter). It’s still a great name for a dog, however. We like it for a dark black dog. Maybe one that has some wolf in it, because what’s better than a dog that likes to howl at the moon except for a wolf dog that likes to howl at the moon and answers to the name Memphis Eve?

Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

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