Unlikely Puppy and Pigeon Friendship Raises Money for Animal Rescue

Mixing different species of animals together is not always a good idea as they often do not get along. Many people choose to keep only one type of animal to avoid the confrontations that can arise between different species. However, animals can often develop unexpectedly good relationships, regardless of their species. That is exactly what happened when a dog and a pigeon became the best of friends. You might envisage dogs chasing birds rather than befriending them. Dogs are generally larger than birds, so they are the dominant of the two animals. This all changes if the bird is bigger than the dog, though. I Heart Dogs outlines the case of a Chihuahua puppy that has befriended a pigeon that is twice its size. The story of the pair’s unlikely friendship has given many people inspiration to help animals in need.

Herman is a fully-grown pigeon that suffered a brain injury that has resulted in him being unable to fly. His best friend is Lundy, a two-month-old Chihuahua puppy who does not have the use of his back legs. The fact that they are two different species seems irrelevant to this duo. Lundy and Herman met at The Mia Foundation, which is a rescue shelter. They are both at the rescue recovering from their health problems. Although Herman has been at the shelter for more than a year, Lundy has only been at the shelter for a few weeks. They met when Herman was out on one of his excursions one day. Sue Rogers, one of the staff at The Mia Foundation, likes to give Herman a change of scenery occasionally as he cannot fly. Although most people would avoid putting a bird and a dog in close quarters together, Rodgers had a feeling that the two would get along just fine.

Therefore, she decided to put Herman on a dog bed with the little pup. She hoped that they would simply relax in each other’s company and that they would perhaps take a nice nap together. However, the results were even better than she dared hope. Unexpectedly, the pigeon and the dog took an instant liking to each other. It was as though they had known each other for a long time, and not like they were different species that had just been introduced for the very first time. As soon as they were introduced, they snuggled in close together. Although Rodgers kept a close eye on the two animals to make sure the situation didn’t take a sudden, downward turn, it turned out that her concerns were unfounded.

Seeing the dog and the bird cuddle in together was an adorable sight. This inspired Rodgers to take a couple of photographs of the pair getting along so well. The photographs were so heartwarming that Rodgers thought that others would also like to see them, and she decided to post the pictures on the rescue shelter’s social media pages. Although Rodgers knew that people would think the pair looked cute together, she had not expected the response the photographs received as they had soon gone viral. There were six million views, 44 thousand shares, and thousands of comments on just one photograph of the two animals sharing a bed.

This story is about more than just a couple of animals becoming stars on social media, though, as the pair have also made a big difference to animals in need in several ways. First, they have raised approximates $6,000 for the rescue so far. This is a significant amount of money for the shelter, and it will go a long way towards providing the animals that live there with the food, equipment, and health care they need. Another way that Lundy and Herman have made a difference is by raising awareness of the shelter and the animals that are living there. Seeing the adorable pair online has encouraged more people to come forward as potential adopters. This means that starring on social media has helped many other animals get a second chance in life.

Rodgers has said that she believes that people occasionally need to read a good story, and the story of two different species getting along so well is certainly heartwarming. She thinks it is a story that will touch the hearts of many people across the world. Since Lundy and Herman first met, the staff has continued to get them together as they enjoy each other’s company so much. However, they always stay with the duo to supervise them just in case. The staff has also continued to share updates about the pigeon and the dog that have become best friends, as it is something that seems to have captured people’s hearts. Herman and Lundy now have their own Instagram page, which already has more than eight thousand followers. On this page, the staff at the shelter post regular photographs and updates about how the two animals are getting on in the shelter. They have also used the page to announce that there is a children’s book about Herman and Lundy being published.

Hopefully, releasing a book will raise even more awareness about the fabulous work of The Mia Foundation and, in turn, raise money so that the good work can continue. This organization specializes in rescuing and caring for animals that are born with birth defects, which means that the animals in their care often have greater health and care needs than those living in a regular shelter. This also means that there are medical bills to pay, so the money is very much needed. Continued donations from animal lovers are essential to keep things going, and the staff is always looking for ways to raise additional funds. The bond between Herman and Lundy and the attention this has brought to the shelter has given them the perfect platform to propel their fundraising efforts to the next level.

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