Volunteer Firefighters Help Free Dog Whose Head was Stuck in a Pipe

In 1989, the film “Everybody’s Baby: The Rescue of Jessica McClure” was released. It was based on Jessica McClure’s true story of how the 18-month-old fell into a 22-feet-deep well while playing in her aunt’s backyard. It took 58 hours for the rescue team to save her finally, and such relentless efforts can also be seen when volunteer firefighters helped free a dog whose head was stuck in a pipe. It is not a strange thing since dogs get stuck on trees while chasing cats, so what made this story unique? Let’s tell you more.

It was a strange rescue mission for the firefighters

We always feel safe knowing that help is only a call away, and one pet owner did not waste time dialing 911 when her dog got stuck in a pipe. The owner of the dog, who lives in Sparrow Lane, had tried in vain to help the canine. Without any other tactic to get the dog’s head out of the pipe, asking for help for the emergency eventually saved the dog’s life. When the firefighters were dispatched to deal with the situation, they were surprised at what awaited them.

According to a Facebook post made by the Clinch Mountain Volunteer Fire Department, they have been dispatched for all sorts of emergencies, but this type of rescue mission was a first for them. Nevertheless, they did whatever they could to help. They thought Wesson oil would move the pipe, but it did not. The last option was cutting the pipe while being careful not to spook the dog into abrupt movements that would cause more harm. Finally, after helping the dog wiggle out of the pipe, the dog was back in the arms of its owner.

Dogs get stuck in all sorts of things

When parents say that boys will always be boys meaning the little ones find new ways to be mischievous, the same case applies to puppies. Therefore when David Hough, an animal care technician in River County, worried about how one puppy got his head stuck in a spare tire, he remembered that curiosity must have gotten the best of her. The Riverside County Animal Services officials had responded to the emergency. They found a three-month-old puppy that put its head in a hole stuck in it. Just like the Clinch Mountain Volunteer Fire department, the animal services officers tried using oil to free the animal, but it only made things worse when the neck of the dog developed swelling. Eventually, the Riverside County Fire Department helped in the rescue mission.

Another dog got its head stuck in a tree stump when it saw a chipmunk and decided to chase it into the tree stump. Unfortunately, getting its head stuck was only one of the problems; the tree stump had a branch that hung above the dog, and it could injure it if the rescuers were not careful in the rescue attempts. They used battery-operated tools since they were quiet enough to prevent causing more panic. With team effort of the rescuers, the dog was freed, and he came out smiling, happy to know that the ordeal was over.

Some dogs have not been so lucky

In the 1980s, loggers were going about their business of felling logs when they came across the last thing they could ever imagine; a dog stuck in the tree’s trunk. They had just finished loading the chest oak trunk onto their lorry when one logger’s curiosity pushed him to look into the trunk only to find a dog staring back at him. Experts believed that the hunting dog was from the 1960s and had most probably got stuck chasing prey into the trunk. Since the trunk got smaller along its length, the higher the dog climbed, the more it got stuck. Eventually, it died, but instead of decaying, it was mummified, thanks to the chest oak’s tannins. Stuckie, as the mummified dog was christened, became a rare sight in Southern Forest World Museum where the loggers took him, while still stuck in the trunk.

Animal care experts keep advising pet owners to buy break away-collars so that even if the pets get stuck on something, they will not get strangled. However, some owners insist on putting their dog on a leash, and it has cost them the companionship of their furry friends. According to BarkPost, Riley and Carrie-Ann were walking into the elevator with their pet dog, Bella on a leash. However, before doors closed, the leash was still lying across the threshold such that when the elevator moved to the second floor, it tugged Bella to the ground. The emergency button did not work, and Riley’s efforts to save the canine were unsuccessful so he could only watch as Bella’s collar strangled her.

Even humans get stuck

Sometimes karma will catch up with you as it did with a man who tried stealing from a clothing bin donation. According to Mail Online, the man attempted to get inside the Green Education Foundation only for him to get stuck and was found dead by police after a woman walking her dog saw the body hanging out of the donation bin. As per investigations, his weight pulled down the handle of the hatch resulting in a narrowed shoot, which in turn caused the man to suffocate.

Such an incident is not an exemption because other people who have tried stealing from donation bins have also gotten stuck. For instance, according to New York Daily News, a woman had her arm not only stuck but broken too when the stool she was standing on collapsed as she tried taking clothes from a donation bin. Another 35-year-old woman thought she had found her winter collection when she went looking for warm clothes in a donation bin. Unfortunately, she got trapped, and her frantic calls for help were too late because, by the time police arrived, she had lost all vital signs. Resuscitation efforts were useless, and she was pronounced dead.

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