Yorkie Poo Dog Breed: Welcoming One Into Your Family

Yorkie Poo

Do you want a Yorkie Poo at home? The question is not meant to be a trick question or one to throw you into a tailspin. It’s an honest question. Now, do you want a dog at home and is everyone else on board with this decision? That’s also not a trick question. You might think it’s cute to get a dog even though your spouse is not fully on board, assuming that he or she will grow to love the dog and want to keep the dog, but it’s not. It’s not a good idea to get a dog if you have people in the family not willing to help care for the dog or on the fence about even wanting one. Dogs are very smart creatures, and they can tell when someone doesn’t really want them. This could negatively affect the dog’s training, its ability to bond with the family, and even your ability to live in a comfortable environment. If your family gets a dog it is not entirely ready to own, things could go downhill very quickly. Even a dog as cute a yorkie poo, the sweet little designer mixture between a yorkie and a poodle, could cause unhappiness in a family that doesn’t really know if they want a dog.

A dog, such as a yorkie poo, is a lifetime commitment that you have to make. Your dog could live for another decade – or more – and that means you have to be certain you want to have this dog for that long. They’re sweet animals, but they do need you. They’re not cats that will use the bathroom in the litter box and be fine all day while you’re at work and then happy hour. They need constant love and attention, they need to be walked, and they really do need to be kept indoors for most of their life. You have to be sure you are ready to train, ready to teach and that you are ready to be home a bit more often. This is not a decision you can make lightly. But once you do make the decision to buy a yorkie poo, the adorable designer dog, you should know all you can about this sweet breed.

Yorkie Poo Size

This is a very small dog. Some might try to pass it off as what’s called a teacup dog, but there is no such thing. These are small dogs that only weigh somewhere between 7 to 10 pounds. Of course, yours could weigh more or less depending on how frequently you feed it, but it should weigh within this range or close to it when at its healthiest. They don’t get very tall, not even a foot high. This makes them excellent lap dogs that do very well inside the home more so than outside the home. In fact, they make great companions for those who need a little love and comfort, but not a dog that requires so much exercise and endurance that they cannot handle it.

They Can Live Anywhere

The good news about this breed is that it doesn’t need a yard. A walk to the park is all that this little dog needs to run around and enjoy life. It’s a cute dog that really does love the concept of living anywhere, and it will be just as happy in a small apartment as it will be a larger home with a big yard. It doesn’t want to go outside and run around the yard quite like a big dog does, so you might find that this breed is better of just taking walks and visiting the doggie park on occasion.

Who Needs One?

This breed is so popular because it’s good for everyone. This is an especially good breed for an older person because it’s small, relatively low-maintenance in terms of walks and exercise and it’s perfect for someone who is looking for a small, cuddly companion. It’s also the kind of dog that is excellent with kids and other dogs, so it will get along wonderfully with anyone you already have in your house. This breed will even do well with babies if you have them after the dog has already been living in your house. You should know that it’s also a dog that’s very easy to train because it’s such a smart dog. Both parent breeds are intelligent animals, which means that they will make for a smart little breed that can easily learn new tricks and training factors. You will be very appreciative of this animal.

Positive People Only, Please

The yorkie poo is exceptionally easy to train, but it does require that you use positive reinforcement. This small dog will respond a lot more enthusiastically to positive reinforcement than to negative, which makes it far more likely that you will be able to love this dog and the training process. It’s very eager to please its owners, which is what makes it so easy to train when you do use positive discipline methods. It’s a good dog to crate train, too, since dogs do not like to use the bathroom where the sleep. This might take several weeks, but once you get the hang of it and your puppy gets the hang of it, your life will be so much easier and more enjoyable to deal with.

If you are in the market for a yorkie poo, your best bet is going to be to calling a breeder with a good reputation. Little dogs like this are very popular at adoption agencies and shelters, which means your chances of finding one here are very slim. Before you commit to a dog, however, be sure that the breeder has a good reputation and that the breeder has all the credentials and qualifications it takes to raise dogs that are healthy and guaranteed. And don’t be afraid to ask for registration, proof of veterinary care and anything else you might find eases your mind when buying a dog.

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