The 20 Most Popular Dog Names of 2017

Dog lovers around the world have a tendency to name their beloved pets after something or someone that means something to them. While some decide on old standards that have been around for years, others choose something that sounds exotic or unusual. We don’t hear much about use of names like Fido or Rover much anymore. They were once popular but have been replaced with more modern names that are more descriptive of the personality of the dog, or of something that the owner finds special. It can take a new dog owner days and sometimes weeks to settle on the perfect name for their new family member. This is because a name should say something about you and these dog loves do their research until they find the perfect name for their pet.

The names we choose for our dogs tend to be the ones that are the most popular within our society. We may choose them because of something we’re preoccupied with or simply because the name describes the appearance or personality of the dog. Certain names come in and go out while others which are considered to be classics remain popular. We’ve done our research and discovered the top 20 dog names of 2017 and the reasons why these pet owners chose them. Often, knowing the meaning of a particular name will let you know that it suits your dog perfectly so we’ve included them along with the most popular dog names for this year. If you’re looking for a name for your new pet, we hope that our list offers inspiration for you.

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