The 10 Funniest Bloodhound Videos of All-Time


The bloodhound is known for being exceptionally intense when it’s working, but it is also known for being very calm and docile when it’s not. A sweet and gentle giant, this is a dog that does become large and it’s such a wonderful pet. It’s very friendly, loyal and loving. It’s also hilarious. We’ve rounded up some of the funniest, most hilarious and cutest videos of bloodhounds on the internet to keep you entertaining on an otherwise long and boring day, and you can thank us now. These dogs should be in show business with their considerable skill.

The Singing Bloodhound

There are few things in life more interesting than a harmonica. I mean, there are so many things in life more interesting than a harmonica. However, this dog doesn’t get that. He’s so into singing along with this one that he cannot even stand it.

He Loves the Car

There are some of us that would rather be anywhere than in the car, but this bloodhound is not one of them. He loves his car trips and he’s happy to smile along with sheer happiness and excitement every single time he gets to head out into the car and take a ride.

Goofy is Real

When this dog is wearing his special shoes, he walks just like Goofy, everyone’s favorite Disney dog. It’s really hard not to fall madly in love with a dog that walks like this, right? What a cute dog and what a spot on impression of our favorite Disney Dog.

They Feel the Beat

There is nothing more hilarious than a couple of puppies that really do feel the beat. These hilarious dogs can feel the music within and they want to show off their considerable singing skills. They’re doing a good job of it, too.

You can’t Ignore Me

This bloodhound is having none of this. He is not about to sit idly by and watch while his family has their own conversation at the table. He’s going to let them know he has something to say, and he’s going to make sure that they know he’s saying it the right way. We’re impressed by that. It’s cool with us.

It Shouldn’t Be Funny

This is a dog clearly having some sort of bad dream, and we are laughing. We probably should not be laughing, but we are. We are laughing so hard we cannot get over how funny it is to have this dog all over the couch like this.

Going Fishing

This is a bloodhound happy to do some fishing. He’s got all the skills needed to do it, except for a fishing pole. But really, who even needs a fishing pole? This is a dog that thinks he can do it, and that’s all that matters. Though it’s quite funny to watch him try to catch a fish without the necessary equipment.

Talking is too Much

Sometimes you have something to say, but it’s just too hard to say it. You can’t get the words out. This is a dog that has the same problem. Sometimes she just wants to get the point across without actually making the effort to speak, though the effort is quite humorous.


Puppies, Puppies Everywhere

There are bloodhound puppies everywhere around here, and we just love and adore them. They’re so cut they cannot be stopped. They might not be as hilarious as some of the other bloodhounds we’ve seen today, but they’re super fantastic and we think they are so sweet.

The Kitten got Him

How hilarious is it to watch a kitten attack a bloodhound puppy and have to wait on a bigger bloodhound to come to his rescue? Few things in life are as funny as watching a kitten terrify a dog, and it just goes to show that not all animals are as dangerous as they’re supposed to – or as sweet as they are supposed to be.

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

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