A Starved Pit Bull Chained To Tree Has a Miraculous Transformation

Why monsters still do this is something we’ll never understand.  But for whatever reason these heinous acts still exist.  Someone tied up this pit bull to a tree behind an abandoned house.

When Officer Nick of Lifeline Animal Project approached her, she couldn’t stop wagging her tail and giving him kisses. A year later, she’s just as grateful. 

Here’s her story:

Initially Zoe was extremely scared when her rescuers came to save her.  She was shaking, timid, and understandably frightened.  She was approached with extreme caution as well as fed.  

The rescue operation was conducted by Jason Flatt, a representative of Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue. Utilizing bolt cutters, the individual was able to successfully liberate the dog. 

The animal displayed exemplary behavior, calmly accompanying Mr. Flatt on a leash as they departed the previous location to commence a new chapter in its life.”

In the video, Mr. Flatt reflects on the experience, stating “Upon hearing the dog’s cries, I was compelled to take immediate action to assist the animal. The memory of it still evokes a strong emotional response.”

The Pit Bull, now named Zoe, left a lasting impression on Mr. Flatt, who despite having encountered similar cases in the past, found her to be particularly significant. Zoe holds a special place in Mr. Flatt’s heart.”

Following her rescue, Zoe was placed in a foster home where she was able to experience a nurturing environment and learn the meaning of love and affection. 

Over time, it became evident that this environment was conducive to her well-being and growth as she underwent a remarkable transformation. 

Her physical appearance improved significantly and her story continues to be one of progress and positive development

Look at her now!

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