Heroic Pit Bull “Ollie”Who Died Saving Girl From House Fire Remembered as “The Best Dog in the World”

On New Year’s Eve, a family residing in Texas experienced a devastating event as their house caught fire and was completely destroyed. However, they have described the events that transpired in the aftermath as a miracle.

In the midst of the chaos, one of their beloved pets selflessly sacrificed its own life in order to save the life of the family’s daughter. The homeowner, Jennifer Oleniczak, recounted the incident, stating, “We heard a loud banging on our door and on our wall, which alerted us to the presence of the fire.”

That’s when Oleniczak says she got up and woke her husband. From there Oleniczak says she ran to the back door and heard her neighbor yell her house was on fire. When she turned and looked out the door, her deck and the stairs were completely on fire.

Yelling for her daughter and husband to get out, she then grabbed her Shih Tzu and six puppies. With her husband and neighbors helping her up and into the street, her 15-year-old daughter Jaylee started screaming “Ollie, Ollie woke me up!”

“She said yes, that’s how I heard the door. She said because Ollie came into the room. Where is Ollie. So, we couldn’t find him,” Oleniczak said.

The next day the family searched for their Pitbull named Ollie. They checked the burnt house, posted all over social media, even checked local shelters but nothing. Until January 9.

“My husband went in, and he found him right at my daughter’s bedside. At the foot of her bed like he had collapsed from the smoke inhalation. And I just want to give him a big hug you know because had he not gone in there, Jaylee would have died,” said Oleniczak.

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