Meet Leela, The Pit Bull Who Acts So Weirdly Even Vets Can’t Explain It

Meet Leela, a charming pit bull with a unique and endearing personality. Her owner, Imgur user xsoup4you, presents her in a series of adorable photos that showcase her quirky nature.

Despite her unconventional behavior, Leela is a beloved companion and a testament to the fact that pit bulls, like any other breed, are a product of their environment and upbringing.

Despite their often-negative reputation, pit bulls are known to be loving, loyal, friendly, and dedicated pets when treated with care and affection.

What dog actually sleeps like this????

Leela’s owner said “When I tell her she’s weird, she throws shade.” 

But let’s face it, she knows how to look guilty.

She’s unable to lie down unless her legs are out like this. 

Nobody likes walking in the cold!

Nice and Cozy!

“We went camping for the first time last summer. She didn’t understand mesh at all. Learned she can eat poop from wild animals just fine, but god help you if she doesn’t get her $60 grain-free fancy-ass dog food. In lamb, specifically. Then you’ll understand the term “s**t creek” on a whole different level”

“Showing off her 60 lbs of muscle. None of her legs are bowed and the vet says she’s perfect, so don’t be mean to her telling her she’s deformed just because she likes to sit like a weirdo. She’s just a practitioner of dog yoga”

“I was being an idiot trying to get a photo of her and she let me know it. Also, someone clipped her right ear, poorly, before she was adopted so now she has periscope ear and a distrust of Mexicans”

Someone needs to be wedged and smothered!

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