15 Amazing Rescue Stories involving Pit Bulls

Pit bulls get a bad rap. They’re dogs that look a bit more scary than friendly, and for that reason many people are terrified of them. They forget that just because certain dogs are trained to protect and intimidate doesn’t mean that they are evil. Most pit bulls – those that were trained correctly – are just as friendly as a lap dog provided their master tells them all is all right. However, they continue to terrify and get a bad reputation. Read on to find out 15 happy stories about pit bulls that will change your mind about these heroic dogs.

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Weezie the pit bull’s family was attacked one night by two men who broke into their home to rob them. While the robbers had his ‘mom’ and ‘brother’ at gun point, Weezie got between them, barked, snapped, snarled and caused a scene all while pushing his family backward until they were at the exit to their home and able to escape. The dog was so heroic he kept the robbers away from his family and diverted their attention so much that his family was able to escape. He saved their lives that night.

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Dakota is a pit bull that’s trained as a search and rescue dog (and how is that dangerous to anyone?). She’s a pit bull so good at what she does that she’s been requested to work on some of the most high profile cases in the world. For example, she’s part of the search team that found the remains of the astronauts aboard the shuttle that went down in 2003 after being requested by NASA. She was also part of the Laci Peterson case.

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Mabeline was a shelter dog that was being walked by a 17-year-old volunteer in Florida. When a registered sex offender grabbed this girl by her hair and forced her to the ground, Mabeline ran over to the attacker and fought him off, saving the girls’ life and her innocence. The dog was able to scare the man away and help to catch the man when it was time for his arrest. He was credited with saving this girl’s life, and he was eventually adopted. His new owner said she knew right away when she saw Mabeline in the shelter that she was a hero.

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When Morocho was out one day, he noticed something terrible happening. A Puma was nearby an area where two small children were playing. The dog sprung to action when he noticed that the Puma was approaching the children to attack. While the Puma reached the children first, the pit bull wasn’t far behind. He stopped the Puma from attacking and killing these small kids by fighting the Puma off before eventually killing the giant cat. Morocho suffered serious injuries to his face before he was able to kill the cat, but he did it and he saved the lives of two small children.

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Cats and dogs are not friends. However, Jack doesn’t hate cats even though he’s a big old “vicious” pit bull. Jack and Kitty are best friends, and their owner Sherree Lewis, rescued both. It was looking to be an awful day when Lewis noticed two coyotes in her yard, fighting over Kitty. She was certain that Kitty was dead, but Jack wouldn’t have it. He rushed over to Kitty’s aid and chased off her attackers before lying down beside her until Lewis could get her and rush her to the vet. She survived despite broken bones, teeth and the fact she doesn’t walk well anymore. Jack never leaves her side.

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Thor is a pit bull who saved the lives of three people in his family. When their home caught on fire in the middle of the night, Thor barked and barked to wake his sleeping owners, who slept through his noise. The dog took it upon himself to go into the bedroom of their 3-month-old baby and grab her bassinet by the leg and drag it to their bed, nipping his owners on the ears until they woke up. They realized the house was on fire and that the baby was next to them, instead of where she was; a place that was already completely engulfed in flames.

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When Max’s owner was attacked by a gunman, Max charged the gunman and took three bullets for his owner. Two went into his chest and one went into his leg. Max’s owner had taken one bullet to the head, thankfully it only grazed him, before Max took it upon himself to charge the gunman and chase him off even while suffering from three gunshot wounds. Max lived and overcame his injuries. He is a true pit bull hero who took three bullets for his owner in an act so selfless that we are almost certain no human would attempt anything similar.

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Many years ago, a pit bull by the name of Stormy was able to get out of her kennel in the middle of the night. And it’s a good thing she did, because her home was on fire and it was only the fact that she ran into her owner’s bedroom barking and alerting the owner to the fire that saved his life. When her family was rescued by firefighters, they could not go back in for her. Her owners were fearful that she had perished in the flames, but she was found hours later hiding beneath their bed, alive.

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When an intruder tried to break into his home, Kilo saved his owner’s life. The intruder attempted to break in while dressed as a FedEx driver so that he could gain entrance into the home. The dog realized something was wrong immediately and began to attack the man, who was brandishing a gun. He took a bullet for his owner, but managed to fight off his assailant and save his owner’s life. The bullet hit Kilo in the head, but managed to bounce off his skull and exit the dog’s neck, saving his life as well.

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Weela is a pit bull that belongs to a family with several children. A few years ago, Gary, the 11-year-old boy in the house was jumped on a pushed down by Weela. Gary’s mom saw the entire thing happen and rushed outside to see what had provoked the dog to attack her son. She arrived outside just in time to see a rattlesnake bit Weela right in the face. The dog wasn’t attacking his ‘boy,’ he was saving his life. Fortunately, Weela’s family acted quickly and managed to get Weela the medical attention he needed to save him from the venomous bite so that he could live. What an amazing dog to put himself in danger for his boy.

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Popsicle is a pit bull that grew up abused by drug dealers and criminals. He was found by authorities locked in a freezer (hence his name) to die and was taken to be trained as a drug dog. Before he retired to go live with his owner and lead a relaxing life, Popsicle was credited with being one of the most successful drug busting dogs in the world. He alerted police to a truck on a bridge that was filled with more than $139 million worth of cocaine. That was one of his bigger busts; he also had dozens of others.

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This special pit bull was abused and beaten and had extreme separation anxiety. His new owners weren’t looking for a dog, and they tried very hard to work with his separation anxiety, but he wouldn’t leave their side. They got used to this and raised the dog. Thankfully, this was something that would save their lives. When Norton’s ‘mom’ was bitten by a spider late at night in the bathroom, something that interfered with her medication, she passed out and went into anaphylactic shock. As she lay their dying, Norton went into the bedroom and continued to push on his ‘dad’ until he woke up and was alerted to the fact that his wife was in need of help.

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Stray Pit

This pit bull had no name when he was a hero. A Florida woman and her young son were walking through a parking lot to get to their car when they were attacked by a man with a knife. The dog, who had never met any of these people, immediately realized something wasn’t right and rushed to the aide of the woman and child. He fought the attacker and saved the woman and her child before hopping into their back seat and going home with them. His new family named him Angel.

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Maya is a pit bull hero who saved her owner’s life. When Maya was only three months old, she was adopted by her owner, Angela. A few years later, Angela was attacked by a man who tried to do unspeakable things to her, and Maya saved her life. Maya stopped the attacker and fought him off, taking the brunt of the beating that was meant for Angela. The dog was able to get the attacker out, and also able to produce DNA evidence from a scratch he suffered that would lead to the attacker’s arrest.

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Gladys saves lives. So far, she’s only saved the lives of a few bunny rabbits, but still; she’s a life saver. She was playing in her yard one day when she alerted her 4-year-old boy to something on the ground. It was a tiny, almost unrecognizable rabbit. The little boy alerted his mother, who immediately realized something wasn’t right and called the animal shelter. The dog kept going back to the hole and whining, and the shelter workers found three more dying baby bunnies. Two did not make it, but two did.

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