Chamberlain Builds a $3,000 Garage Opener for Your Dog

Some pet owners take the well-being and comfort of their furry friends seriously. This opens up a niche in the pet care market that includes some incredible innovations in technology. With the increasing number of lost pets who get locked outside and can’t gain access to their homes after pet owners go to bed, Chamberlain builds a $3,000 garage opener for your dog as a solution to the problem. Pets can let themselves in whenever they choose according to The Verge.

Why did the brand make such an expensive device for dogs?

Smart homes are becoming the norm rather than the exception these days. If companies want to stay on the leading edge in the market, they’ll adapt to the changing demands and expectations of the consumers that purchase their products. Automation is not just the wave of the future, it’s here now. It’s become an integral part of most aspects of our lives in modern society. The new tech devices are required for businesses that produce these kinds of supplies to remain relevant in a constantly changing society.

What makes Chamberlain’s dog door opener so special?

While garage door openers for pets is certainly not a new concept, the technology behind them has certainly evolved. Chamberlain engineers spent 16 months working on the new device, but it’s no average garage door opener. This is one that may take the lead in technology for pets in the years to come. The name of the device is the myQPet Portal. Notable features of the opener include a fully automated pet door for dogs that is internet-connected. It fits into the systems of a fully enabled smart home, or as a stand-alone unit that gives your pets a new sense of freedom and autonomy. It also comes with a remote that allows the pet owner to activate the device. This system also includes cameras that you can monitor from a downloadable app on your smartphone. This allows you to see your pet coming to the door for permission to gain access. You can monitor his coming and going from the screen on your phone or other compatible devices. The app also features a diary that automatically tracks your pet’s movements. This adds an extra kind of pet security.

myQPet Portal’s other features

Two 1080 pixel cameras come with the opener. Each beams encrypted video that you can access from your phone via the S3 servers provided by Amazon. The garage door closes automatically behind your dog. Special sensors with light-touch and IR features prevent the door from closing on your dog’s tail as an added safety feature. In addition to the video, some speakers and microphones let you talk to your pet from wherever you are. Your pet wears a special collar that includes a beacon that contains an encrypted Bluetooth technology that is low energy. Your pet is required to hold still for a couple of seconds before it will open the door to let them out. It will close automatically after your pet makes a full exit.

Is the myQ Pet Portal available yet?

The $3,000 pet device is available for pre-order from the official site, but believe it or not, this is the cost for the base model. There is one that is much nicer and it sells for $3,699 for the fiberglass pre-hung door, and $4,499 starting price for the Extra Thick Aluminum Clad Wood Door, Pre-hung. Interestingly, we learned that the original starting price was closer to $1,800, but the company raised the price by over 60 percent without real explanation or justification of the price hike.

Is this door with an automatic opener worth the cost?

The biggest controversy over the value of this unnecessary item is the price. You can purchase a simple door flap for pet access for less than $100. What is the chance of success for the marketing of this ultra-expensive product? Surveys conducted on the feasibility showed that the new product would likely be a success. The motorized pet door is solidly constructed with automatic opening, with windows and weather-resistant protection. The maximum weight limits of the door allow for use by dogs up to 90 pounds in weight.

The rationale of the price of the door is not based on a complicated formula. It is explained that this is the price that the company wants to charge. The COO of Chamberlain didn’t offer to explain the months of research and creation of prototypes. The COO could have easily justified the expenses in this way. The recent rash of dog disappearances has been somehow linked to the various factors arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. This seems to influence the perceptions of pet owners. Many believe they need such a device to keep their pets safer, according to California News-Times. The company is also looking to the future for other similar ventures, so long as there is a market of guilt-ridden pet parents who believe that they need to do more to protect and care for their furry friends. Deliveries are estimated to be shipped from Amazon, commencing in April of 2021.

Final thoughts

The new smart door that Chamberlain has built for pet parents is one of the most extravagant pet items we’ve seen up to this moment. This may just be the beginning of a wave of new smart appliances and devices that help make the lives of dogs and their pet parents safer and more convenient. While it’s a really cool new technology, there are a lot of cheaper ways to let your dog come in and out of the house. We suspect that this is a technology that may catch on. If this turns out to be the case, then we’re likely to see other companies go around the patents and develop cheaper versions in the future. For now, you can pre-order Chamberlain’s $3,000 dog door on

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