Humans Kiss Their Dogs More than Their Partners, Study Says

Kissing Your Dog

A recent survey has shown that people are more likely to kiss their dog than they are their significant other. The survey was carried out by Riley’s Organics as they wanted to find out how much affection people give to their canine friends. The main findings of the study are discussed in more detail at I Heart Dogs. Of all the people surveyed, over half said that they were more likely to kiss their dogs than their partner, 52% in total. The same amount of people also said that they would prefer to sleep alongside their dog in bed rather than their partner. It is more common than you may think for people to share their beds with their dogs. Even if the dogs are sleeping side by side with their owners, then they may be on the end of the bed.

If you do not own a dog then some of these results may sound a little surprising. However, the same survey also asked other questions which may explain why this seems natural to dog owners. 94% of the people that were surveyed said that they considered their dogs to be their best friends and so it is only natural that they would want to show them a little bit of affection. When you are spend a lot of time fussing your dog and stroking them, then it does not seem as if throwing in a few kisses is such a big leap.

One of the main things that people worry about when it comes to kissing dogs is whether or not it is safe. This is the subject of much discussion on Dog Forums. The general consensus is that while it may exactly be hygienic to let your dog kiss you on the mouth, it should not cause you any health problems. Many people sharing their experiences have also said that they do not get much say in getting kissed by their dog as it is the dog that initiates it.

Sleeping with your dog in your bed is also something that creates a lot of debate among dog owners. There are some people that think it is OK, and others that are totally against it. Whether this is something that you will do will depend on your own personal preference. The advice of Pet MD is that if the pet and owner are healthy, then there is no reason why you can’t share a bed. One thing to be aware of is that your dog should not be sleeping under the covers as this can lead them to become too warm. There have been concerns in the past that sleeping with your pet can lead to bad behavior, but now it is believed that the opposite may be true. If owners are out of the house all day at work then sharing a bed can be a great way to spend some quality time with their dog and may help to reassure the dog that they are not alone.

Kissing and sleeping with your dog are two things that show that dogs often become more like a family member than a pet. It is not uncommon for people to refer to their dogs as ‘fur babies’ and the way that they are treated can sometimes resemble the way that people treat their children. However, as with children you need to make sure that you put some boundaries in place so that your dog understands that you are the one that is in charge. Your dog should realize that the bed is not somewhere to play and that they should only be there when they want to go to sleep. This will require some degree of training and you may also want to ensure that they are able to sleep in their own bed just as well as they can sleep in yours.

One thing to be aware of is that you should not try to kiss your dog if they are giving you signals that this is something they are not comfortable with. There are several signs that you might observe which can indicate that your dog is not that comfortable with receiving kisses. The first thing to remember is that just because your dog likes licking you, this does not necessarily mean they are giving you a kiss. Licking comes naturally to dogs whereas kissing does not. If dogs begin to associate kisses with affection then they may become more willing to accept these kisses from you. The problem with trying to kiss your dog is that they may feel the act of you putting your face close to theirs is a sign of you trying to become dominant and this is something that they may not like.

If your dog averts their eyes while you are kissing them, or physically moves their head away, then this is a sign that they may find kisses uncomfortable. You may also find that you can feel your dog stiffen when you go to kiss them and they may start to lick their lips. If your dog shows any of these signs then you should not try to kiss them as they may become aggressive. This may start with a growl or baring their teeth. If they still feel threatened then they may bite and this is something that you will need to be aware of around children.

If you know that you are one of these people who tend to cuddle up to your dog more than your partner, then you should not feel too guilty about it. The chances are that your dog is getting just as much attention from your partner, and this is probably more than you get. As long as you and your dog are comfortable with the amount of kisses that are being shared then there is no reason to stop.

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