A Tribute To “Blue” – A True Ambassador to the Pit Bull Breed

Sometimes the world is cruel to us and it takes our loved ones sooner than we’d expect.  In the case of “Blue” this amazing Pit Bull has recently passed away.  However, we’re lucky enough to share the story of Blue.  His owner was kind enough to post some loving words about this amazing pittie. 

Below you’ll find the tribute and photos of “Blue.” 

Photos are courtesy of Putnam Humane Society

For all of you and you who remember Blue we wanted to post this tribute to him from his Dad. Blue truly was an ambassador for his breed. He was everything good! He is going to be so missed. There’s a void and many broken hearts. Rest in peace sweet boy. We were all so lucky to know and love you.

Good morning, I have some sad news to report for the New Year. Blue woke up December 31 and was having difficulty breathing. He was rushed to emergency care at 730 am. At 3:57 PM he went into cardiac arrest and passed at the age of 12 years 10 months.

Blue was born on April 8, 2010. I adopted him on February 15, 2019, at 8 years 10 months. I have had the pleasure to know and love Blue, and to completely spoil him to for the past 3 years and 10 months in my care. I wish I had more time with him (Pit Bull life expectancy is only 10 to 12 years).

He was a superb Ambassador for the Bully Breed. He made a complete and loving impact on all he met, even for a short time. All the people he knew and met were completely devastated by the news of his loss, as much as I. He was loved by so many!!! From Vet Emergency Techs, to Nurses, Doctors, Neighbors, all his Friends, along with my Son in Laws, Daughters and 4 Grand kids.

He was my buddy (my Monkey) and a part of my heart is gone forever. I lost my travel buddy & companion; he had to be near me always. I spoiled him to the max, cooking bacon and eggs on weekends, steak dinners (t-bone and rib eye were his favorite bones), and all other foods including vanilla ice cream, which he especially craved along with Ritz crackers.

He wasn’t that picky. His choice locations to hang at home was Italian leather couch in my man cave, living room couch, king size bed and a most favorite living room ottoman.

For me on the upside of COVID enabled me to work from home, so I was always with him. I realize now was a blessing in disguise. My 6 &1/2Lb Chihuahua Diesel his snuggle buddy, and Alpha, misses him and is constantly looking for him around the house and outside in the yard. (Diesel use to steal his treats if Blue wasn’t fast enough. Blue didn’t care cause he knew more were coming).

When my girlfriend came over, I didn’t exist, he was in her lap all 85 pounds of him smothering her. I guess you ladies at Putnam Humane made him love women especially!!! Blue was the most adventurous guy, loving road trips to my girlfriend’s house in Pennsylvania and long country walks.

As I drove, he would put his front paws on the front consol, back paws on back seat and watch everything out the front windshield, and occasionally give me a lick on the cheek to say I like your driving.

When he went to a window to see people, I had to open for him to stick his head out. Usually getting waves and hellos from people Blue established eye contact with. Blue would get smiles or hi pretty boy, kisses blown or he’s gorgeous, which would stoke his ego. Then he would look at me as if he was cheating.

Blue especially loved trips to my property in the Catskills. He couldn’t wait to go to go off leash and run around. Blue’s most favorite activity was ATV riding. I made a special carrier for him to ride on back of my ATV.

He loved all the smells and sights driving around the trails and his naps on the porch. I would like to gratefully Thank Putnam Humane for giving me the pleasure of caring for him and making his life happy and complete as I could possibly provide.

BLUE would say WOO, Woo, Woo, to Putnam Humane, and to me as I was greeted when I came home. My house is empty without him; I can’t stop thinking about him. What a fantastic loving companion he was.

With grateful love, respect, and honor

Dan Libertone

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