Firefighters Creatively Rescue Dog Who Falls Down 40 ft Well


Prairietown, Illinois is a small town with a volunteer fire department and those firefighters have a collective heart of gold. Recently, Rico the dog was following one of his owners from the house where he lives to a neighbor’s place when he fell down a well. As it happens, that well was a staggering 40 feet deep. Fortunately, Rico’s owners alerted firefighters right away and the fire department from Prairietown, as well as neighboring department Edwardsville, came to the rescue.

Going The Extra Mile

There is no doubt about it, these particular firefighters definitely went the extra mile when it came to rescuing this poor, sweet dog who had fallen down the well. Since Prairietown is a volunteer fire department that has limited equipment, they didn’t waste any time calling the Edwardsville Department in a neighboring county to come and help them. That’s because Edwardsville has a dedicated technical rescue team with trained personnel and specialized equipment that is designed specifically for incidents just like this. Granted, they are typically called out to rescue humans that have found themselves in similar situations. However, they were just as happy to come out and help rescue this dog that was in dire need of help. It’s important to note that they did indeed go above and beyond with this particular call. So many times these days, people run into situations where everyone else, even professionals whose job it is to rescue others, end up passing the buck to someone else. It seems like no one wants to get involved unless it is an absolute necessity. While the firefighters do have a duty to rescue people that end up in these kinds of situations, there is nothing that says they have to come out and rescue an animal. They could have just as easily passed it off to the local animal control officer and forgotten about it. If they had, Rico’s story might have had a dramatically different outcome. As a result, it is imperative that these individuals be recognized for their willingness to come out and do everything they could to help an animal that was in need. In addition, they were also there to help Rico’s owner, who was completely distraught. Because of them, both Rico and his owner have an opportunity for many more happy days as opposed to having their relationship ending in tragedy.

The Technical Side Of Things

So, how does one rescue a dog that has fallen down a 40-foot deep well? It all comes down to having the right equipment and knowing what to do with it. The firefighters who have that equipment had been training for years and they knew exactly how to use it. As such, they erected a tripod that was secured to the ground in such a manner that the center of it stood directly above the hole where Rico had fallen. One of the firefighters who was on the technical rescue team from Edwardsville then strapped himself into a harness and devised a set of pulleys that originated from the tripod which had set up. This allowed him to be lowered down into the well, all the way to the bottom. Thanks to the specialized helmet he was wearing, he had just enough light to see what he was doing. That small amount of light also allowed him to find Rico. Once he got down there, he took a blanket that he had taken with him and gently wrapped Rico up so that the two of them could then be hoisted back up out of the well by other members of the team. They had a veterinarian waiting for Rico when they emerged. As you can imagine, the potential outcome for any individual (human or canine) that falls down a 40-foot well may not be the best. In fact, there is every likelihood that the individual in question will experience significant injuries, even under the best of circumstances. As a result, many people were fearful that Rico would be so badly hurt it would be impossible to save him. Nevertheless, the rescue effort went ahead and he was recovered. The next step would be to carefully assess his injuries.

An Answered Prayer

There is no doubt about it, many prayers were said that night about Rico coming back home safely. Fortunately, those prayers were answered. When firefighters pulled him out of the well, they were expecting to see a dog that was severely injured, even potentially to the point of having to be put down. What they found was a scared, but happy and healthy dog, who wanted to shower them all with kisses in order to show his gratitude. Situations like this have had happy endings in the past, but they don’t happen very often. It wasn’t all that long ago that another dog took a tumble down a cliff that just happened to be 40 feet in distance as well. Firefighters came to that dog’s aid and reunited him with his family, too. It just goes to show that even when the odds seem to be stacked against someone, the story can still have a happy ending. The thing that is required is hope. Without that and the efforts of the firefighters, the dogs in both of these scenarios would have been completely out of luck. These days, Rico is back home, safe and sound. His owner is absolutely elated to have him back and Rico seems to be the same happy-go-lucky dog he was before the incident occurred. Something has definitely changed, though. Rico’s owner is far more cautious about where the dog is allowed to roam. When the unthinkable happened, people were there to provide some much-needed assistance. Now, the goal is to make sure nothing like that ever happens again. That said, it’s nice to know that the firefighters from Prairietown and Edwardsville are on the job whenever they are needed.

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