20 Reasons Dogs are Better Than Humans

dogs are better than humans

Dogs are so much cooler than people in every single way imaginable. That’s not to say that humans are entirely awful (despite the fact that so many just are), but it is to say that even if we tried really, really hard, none of us will ever be as cool as dogs. We will never be as loyal, as beautiful, as sweet and as loving as a dog. We just aren’t equipped to handle life the way that dogs do, and that’s why dogs will always (have always) be better than humans. Read on to learn 20 pretty simple reasons dogs are better than people.

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They Don’t Judge

You can show up looking like a mess, and your dog will love you. You can act like a jerk because you’re in a bad mood, you overslept and you aren’t having a good day, and your dog will still love you. Your dog will not give you a raised eyebrow when you drunk text an ex in the middle of the night. Your dog will not judge you for eating that entire pint of ice cream and then that box of Girl Scout cookies. Dogs don’t judge. Humans do.

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They’re Smart

Dogs are highly intelligent, and they’re probably much smarter than we have yet to realize. They learn tricks, they remember what you said and they always listen to you – even if they don’t do what you say. Dog’s are very smart – even the ones not considered as intelligent as others. That’s far more than we can say for half of the human race. I mean, really; you’ve been on the internet recently, right?

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Dogs at Play

They’re Happier

No matter what we do, how we feel and how good life is going at the moment, we will never be as happy as a dog. Dogs are so happy, so joyful and so much fun that it’s impossible for humans to match that kind of happiness and joy. We love these animals because they do have so much to offer. There’s a lot to be said for dogs and their personalities, and we love their constant state of happiness.

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They’re Rich

Did you know that more dogs are part of their owner’s wills than people? Well, that might not be entirely accurate, but you’re always hearing about dogs inheriting millions from their beloved owners at their death, and half the kids in the world are being removed from their parents’ wills because their parents are sure they trust them enough to actually want to bother with them.

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They’re More Fun

Let’s face it; the dog is more fun than half the people you know. He doesn’t argue with you when all you want to do is curl up in pajamas with Netflix and a glass of wine, and he certainly does not try to encourage you to change whatever you are watching to whatever it is he wants to watch. That’s just what makes dogs more fun than humans.

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Dog in Snow

They Don’t Hold a Grudge

You can forget to feed a dog, forget to pet him, get mad at him for not doing things your way, and he will always manage to make sure that you are still his best friend. You do the same thing to a human and he or she will remember that for the rest of his or her life. A dog will forget it in a second and move on forever without ever bringing it up again.

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They Love to Play

How many times do you want your family to do something with you only to realize that they are completely against it? Dogs aren’t like that. Dogs love to play and they will play with you all day, every day. They’re not busy or less interested in what you have to do; they love you and want your attention. It’s nice.

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They Always have Time

Your dog is not going to tell you ‘later,’ or ‘not now,’ because she is not too busy for you – ever. Your dog does not have an email to send or a message to write. Your dog doesn’t have dishes to wash or laundry to put away. Your dog has nothing to do but be there for you at all times. That’s what makes dogs entirely better than humans.

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They Know the Value of a Nap

Your dog is not about to do anything if he or she is tired, and that’s probably why the dog always has so much energy. We, on the other hand, have none. That’s because we forget how good a nap can really be. We promise ourselves we will get more sleep later, and then we don’t. We should go back to mandatory afternoon naps because we are pretty tired.

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They’re Calming

Dogs have this wonderful way of making you feel so calm. Your friends, family and your kids can make you feel anxious and overwhelmed. They can make you feel guilty and annoyed. They can make you feel so many things when they are there because most people are always looking out for themselves first, but dogs are not like that. Your dog only wants to be with you and calm you down, and that’s what we love.

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They’re Always There for You

Your dog is always there for you. He has nowhere else to go. He has nothing else that’s demanding his or her attention. He loves you and wants to be with you and loves you endlessly, and that is what makes him the best animal in the world. We all need someone there for us at all times, and dogs are those ‘people’ in our lives.

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They Always Answer when You Call

When I call my mom, I’m always sent to voicemail. She’ll call me back later or the next day or whatever, but my dog always answers. Okay, so I don’t have a dog anymore, but when I did have her for four hours before she ate the cat in front of my kids, she was there for me every single time I called her name. She loved me.

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They Don’t Spend all Day on their Phones

If there is one thing that drives me nuts about other people, it’s when I’m sitting there talking to them and they pick up their phone and begin scrolling. I mean, I’m guilty of spending too much time on my phone, too, but I also don’t do it in the middle of a conversation. It seems rude an inappropriate, and a dog will never do it.

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They’ll Never Tag You in an Unflattering Social Media Photo

Again, I love dogs because they love us. They aren’t going to use social media so they’ll never tag you in anything unflattering, like a friend who is ‘so sorry, but I look amazing’ in this photo. It’s not cool. Don’t do it.

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Street Dogs

They are Good Teachers

Dogs teach us so many amazing things. They teach us to be good people. They teach us to love. They teach us what it’s like to love unconditionally. They teach us what it’s like to have a true friend, and they teach us the meaning of loyalty. Dogs are the most amazing creatures, and having one is something that you cannot possibly understand if you don’t have one of your own.

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They Love Unconditionally

Even our kids love us conditionally as time goes on. They love us when they get their way, when things are going well for them and when we are in a good mood. Our dogs love us no matter what. They love us when we are in a horrible mood, when we don’t give them what they want, when we don’t treat them like kings and queens; they always love us and we love that.

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They Know Things

Dogs can actually detect things like cancer. They know when a person is a friend or a foe, and they keep us safe. That’s what makes dogs so much better than humans. We have no way of knowing things or even paying any attention to things like this on our own, and that’s what makes us human. Dogs, however, are extraordinary. That’s why we think they’re better than humans pretty much all the time.

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They’re Friendly

Dogs aren’t worried about who you are so long as they know you are a good person, so they’re always friendly. They can help you make new friends, give you something to do and they are always in a friendly and loving mood. Dogs are always friendly, never passive aggressive and they never treat you unfairly just because they are in a mood that doesn’t seem to be very good.

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They Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Dogs require exercise. They have to take walks, and you have to take them on walks. That means you have to exercise, too. That’s what makes dogs awesome. You have no choice but to get up and walk, play with them and get active. When you have to get active, you become healthier. When you become healthier, you become more awesome. That’s why dogs are awesome; they make you healthy and awesome.

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They Help you Live Longer

There are medical studies that prove that people who own dogs live longer on average that people that do not own dogs. This is something kind of extraordinary. Dogs make us healthier, they help us live longer, they help us feel good about ourselves, and they really do eliminate stress and make us feel better as a whole. Dogs are so much cooler than humans, right?

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