Neighbor Was Always Scared Of Pit Bull Until The Day He Saved Her Life

In late 2019, a sweet-natured Pit bull by the name of Simba became the talk of the town after saving his owner Arjanit Mehana in their Swedish apartment building. Before the heroic incident, people often saw Simba as a scary dog due to his breed. Many people living in the building often went out of their way to avoid his friendly advances. There was this one neighbor, in particular, an older woman who resided in the apartment below Simba’s, who was very cold to Simba. Read on to learn more about the neighbor who was always scared of Pit Bull until the day he saved her life.


According to Boredpanda, Simba currently lives with his owner Arjanit Mehana in an apartment building located in Sweden. Simba has always been a sweet-hearted puppy, despite the neighbors in their building having negatively judged him because of his Pit Bull breed. There was this particular elder woman who lived a floor below Simba’s home, who always took particular care of the puppy and quickly avoided his friendly advances. The dog’s owner Mehana claimed that Simba always tried to greet her whenever they met, but she constantly called the pup mean and looked at him in fear. Mehana concluded that the elderly lady did not like his dog because he was a “bad” breed according to the societal norms. Simba, however, never stopped being friendly to her despite the woman’s harsh behavior towards him. One day, Simba and his owner Arjanit were returning to their apartment after a day’s walk and happened to pass by the elderly woman’s unit as they made their way up the stairs. At that moment, Simba started to act strangely and began barking and running towards the neighbor’s door.

Neighbor in Danger

The dog’s owner Arjanit tried to pull Simba’s leash, but he refused to come. Since Simba would not budge despite his owner pulling his leash, so he moved to pick him up. As he was picking Simba up, he noticed a faint sound coming inside from the neighbor’s door. Immediately, Arjanit opened the door as it was unlocked and found his neighbor – the older woman had collapsed on the floor. She seemed to have broken her hip and had been lying there for a while since no one was around to help. Arjanit claimed that she had not seen the elderly lady for days, implying that she had been lying on the floor for two long days, unable to move. Simba’s owner Arjanit immediately called for an ambulance and stayed with the injured elderly lady until the ambulance arrived.

Simba the Hero

If it were not for Arjanit’s Pit Bull who heard the neighbors cry out for help, she would have died as her life was in danger. The older woman’s life was saved by a dog she had never liked and constantly tried to avoid his friendly advances. Of course, after the incident, the elderly lady’s reaction towards the dog Simba has completely changed. During their visit to the hospital, the dog’s owner Arjanit claimed that she thanked the dog for hearing her cry for help when no one else could help her up from the floor. She then called Simba a “nice doggie,” which was surprisingly ironic that the “bad” dog, often considered scary and unfriendly, suddenly becomes a sweetheart to everyone in the building apartment. Once Simba’s heroic act spread all over the Swedish building apartment, people began showering Simba with various dog treats and gifts. While Simba certainly deserves these many gifts and treats for his heroic act, the dog’s owner Arjanit Mehana hopes that Simba’s action that day will lead to a change in people’s perfection toward dogs of his kind – The Pit Bull breed. The main reason behind this is that Pit Bulls usually do not get a lot of love and affection from people because they often associate them with a ferocious reputation and are thus termed as the “bad” dog breed. While there are also bad pit bulls, there is a handful of them that are true heroes in our society.

Bad Blood

Arjanit Mehana has had Simba since he was eight weeks old, and now he is four years old. He has grown very fond of Simba and knows what the dog loves to do, which is eating Dentastix and swimming, especially in the summer. Simba also likes playing with his dog friends and running in the woods. Simba has grown to be a sweet-hearted and friendly dog who, despite his friendly nature, many people living in his building would often go out of their way to avoid his friendly advances. There was this particular neighbor – an elderly lady who lived on a floor below them; the lady never warmed to Simba and constantly called him mean and looked at him with fear. The elderly woman never liked Simba because, to her and the other people in the building, he was a “bad” breed. However, this changed after Simba’s heroic act, when he saved their neighbor, an older woman who had collapsed on the floor for two days. The lady broke her hip and was unable to move. She tried calling for help, but no one heard her except Simba, who happened to pass by her home after a walk with his owner. Simba began acting strangely, making his owner Mehana wonder what was going on, and as he was picking him up, he heard the older woman’s cry for help. The lady was taken to hospital and has now fully recovered. Many people reacted to Simba’s heroic deed, and their perceptions of him immediately changed.

Happy Ending

After Simba’s heroic deed, he has become a sweetheart to everyone living in his apartment, despite the stereotypes that are associated with his breed. According to Goodnewsnetwork, the elderly lady is no longer scared of Simba; they have now become friends and very fond of each other. Other people who also heard of Simba’s act were proud of him and began showering him with gifts and treats. While Simba certainly deserves these gifts, his owner Mehana is hopeful that people’s perception of dogs of Simba’s breed will change.

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