A Police Dog was Able to Find a Lost Wedding Ring on a Beach

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Elsa Green went to the Eagle River, Michigan beach with her family to enjoy a relaxing day by the ocean. It didn’t take long for it to turn into something that literally made her sick to her stomach. She had been sitting on the beach and had taken her wedding and engagement rings off to apply sunscreen, placing them in her husband’s cap. Before she knew it, she had inadvertently lost the rings in the sand and believed that she would never be able to find them again. That’s where Dogo the police dog comes in, doing far more than making her day better.

How It Happened

The day started out innocently enough. When Green took the rings off to apply sunscreen and place them in her husband’s cap, she didn’t expect to see a large beetle crawling across the cap. She was admittedly startled by the presence of the beetle and in her momentary panic, she grabbed the cap and slung it into the distance, forgetting that she had placed both rings inside.

As soon as she realized what had happened, she and her entire family immediately began searching for the rings, but they had no luck. Imagine what it would be like to try and find two tiny rings in all of that sand. One of the people in her group had even seen someone with a metal detector that was on the beach earlier and went to find him, hoping that the metal detector would allow them to find the rings.

The man agreed to help, but even he couldn’t find them. To make matters worse, none of the people in the group could get a cell phone signal on the beach. Fortunately, there was a sheriff’s office that was located just a half a mile from the beach, and one of the members of her group decided to drive to it in order to see if they might be willing to send someone out with another metal detector. It just so happened that the chance encounter she had with the individual sitting at the desk would change everything in a matter of minutes.

Unexpected Assistance

It just so happened that the individual sitting behind that desk was none other that Sergeant Brad Pelli, A K-9 Officer who was also on front desk duty that morning. Initially, he informed the woman who had inquired about the metal detector that they didn’t have anything they could send out but then, an idea struck him.

He started to wonder if his partner, Dogo, would be able to find the rings. After all, he had been trained to find a number of items in his duties with the Sheriff’s Office. Admittedly, the dog was usually looking for knives or firearms, but he had also been trained to track human scent so that he could track suspects. By default, that meant that he was also trained to track relatively small items that belonged to a particular individual.

Pelli didn’t see any reason why it would be any different to ask him to track the rings than it would to have him looking for a weapon. Sympathizing with her situation because of something similar he had been through the previous year, Pelli decided that he and Dogo would go out to the beach and see if they could lend any assistance. Once he arrived, he simply asked all of the family members to step aside and give the dog his space, and then he let Dogo go to work. The thing that happened next was something that amazed everyone there who saw it.

A True Hero

Dogo had only been on the beach for a few minutes when he sat and looked directly at Pelli. The deputy knew that this meant he had found something because he had been trained to react in that manner whenever he found an object he was searching for. As a result, Pelli went over to where Dogo had sat and started carefully sifting through the sand. Almost immediately, he found one of the rings.

He took it back to Green, initially believing that only one ring had been lost. Somehow in all the confusion, the group had neglected to inform Pelli that there were actually two rings that were missing. As soon as he brought her one ring, she informed him that there was another one missing somewhere in the sand. He simply went back to where Dogo had been and found it in almost exactly the same position as the other one. He returned the ring to Green and praised Dogo with plenty of pets and his favorite toy. What was turning out to be one of Green’s worst days suddenly turned into an amazing story that she will undoubtedly look forward to telling her grandchildren one day.

Hugs All Around

One of the more unusual things that happened after the rings were found was that Kelly allowed Green and other members of the family to hug Dogo. More often than not, people are not encouraged to come into direct contact with a police dog, as these same dogs are highly trained to go after suspects.

However, Dogo seemed to realize that this was a completely different situation than anything he’d ever been involved with before and as such, he was completely relaxed. Reading his body language, Pelli knew that it was safe to allow the group to pet him. Green even called him her hero.

These days, Green readily recounts the story to anyone who wants to know about the day that she almost lost the rings that she has been faithfully wearing for the last 17 years. She is quick to point out how helpful the sheriff’s department was and more specifically, how kind Pelli was to allow Dogo to help.

She says that she was absolutely heartbroken when she realized that the rings were lost in the sand, believing that she would never see them again. The help provided by the sergeant and his canine companion meant a world of difference to her and it’s something that she will never forget.

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