Dog Rescued After Being Trapped Between Walls for Five Days


Our canine friends have a way of filling our lives with joy, but sometimes they have us worried when curiosity gets the better of them, and they ran away from home. There have been many instances of dogs disappearing and taking months or years before they can return home. However, having neighbors who keep an eye out for them is great, as was the case of a dog rescued after being trapped between walls for five days. If a neighbor did not call the fire department to save Gertie, she could not have seen the light of day. Here is the story of how the dog got lost and the rescue mission.

Gertie Goes Missing

According to iHeart Dogs, Gertie’s owners Lynn Herman and Connie Frick knew their dog is an escape artist. So even after Herman opened the door and the dog ran off into the woods, they knew she would come back like she always does. Unfortunately, this time was different, and Gertie, for the first time, did not go back home. Her owners were worried after a futile search and decided to alert the neighborhood of the missing dog through posters. After she went missing on July 13, 2021, Gertie ended up getting stuck behind a neighbor’s garage wall. She fell through a crevice and got trapped between two concrete walls, and somehow, for five days, she did not make a sound. However, on July 19, Gertie made whining sounds that the house owner, Vanessa Rolland, heard. She thought it was her dog but realized it must be another dog stuck behind the walls. Rolland suspected that it must be the dog whose posters she had seen in the neighborhood, so she called the Cincinnati Fire Department around 9.40 am.

The Rescue and Reunion

When the Cincinnati Fire Department arrived at Rolland’s house, they realized the only way to free Gertie was to make a hole in the wall since the gap was too small to let out the dog. According to The World News, firefighter Jenny Atkins used a hammer and sledgehammer to make a hole through the wall, and within 10 minutes, the dog was freed. It was such a heartwarming moment, and it was recorded in a video posted on Facebook. After being pulled out of the crevice, Gertie immediately ran to her owners. They had been alerted and were eagerly waiting to be reunited with their pet. According to the condition she was found in, the fire department believes Gertie had been stuck in the wall for five days. Herman and Frick could not be thankful enough to Rolland for calling the fire department to save their precious fur baby. Frick was full of emotion, seeing how Gertie wagged her tail after the rescue. After the incident, Gertie’s owners said that Gertie was resting and was healthy. Perhaps the escape artist has learned her lesson about wandering too far from home.

The Power of Good Neighbors

Were it not for the kind-hearted Rolland calling the fire department to save Gertie, Frick and Herman would have never seen their pet alive again. Another similar story of good neighbors is of the rescue of Oscar. According to AJC, Oscar had been adopted by Ken and Brooke to be Ken’s emotional support dog since he had post-traumatic stress disorder after serving in the military for 28 years. However, on June 5, 2020, Brooke was in a car accident, and the dog jumped out of the vehicle. Brooke could not find Oscar; worse still, she suffered a stroke that limited her movements to search for her beloved pet. All they could do was post flyers in the neighborhood, on social media and call the nearby shelter, hoping they had found Oscar.

Unknown to Brooke, Oscar had run off to a Windsong Plantation around the scene of the accident. The dog used to be seen roaming about the area, and neighbors had become so fond of it that they left food and water. They established that he had a routine that involved visiting the same houses and restaurants. Oscar preferred visiting homes with dogs, and one of the neighbors felt like the dog missed being part of a family. The neighbors tried catching Oscar, but not even a piece of ham could trick the dog. However, another neighbor had more luck with Oscar after four months of trying to gain his trust. Claudia Alvarenga took Oscar in, but the dog’s huge size prevented her from keeping him as she feared Oscar would hurt the smaller dogs. She contacted Henry County’s animal rescue, where a staff member immediately recognized him as Brooke’s missing dog. Brooke was contacted and went to the shelter, where Oscar started wagging his tail after seeing his owner. Apart from the ticks and matted fur, Oscar was in otherwise good condition. Thanks to a newly installed microchip, chances of him ever getting lost for such a long time were minimized. If it were not for the neighbors in the Windsong Plantation, who kept a watchful eye on Oscar, and Alvarenga turning him in to the shelter, Brooke would most likely have been reunited with her pet.

You Can Give First Aid to Your Canine

Gertie fell into a crevice, and she could have been hurt, meaning knowing how to give first aid can save your dog’s life as you wait to take him to the vet. According to VCA Hospitals, there are obvious signs that your dog has been hurt after a fall, and some of them include limping, whining, difficulty in breathing, reluctance to walk or stand, and lethargy. Therefore, before you take your dog to the vet, you should monitor breathing and if your dog prefers to lie still, let him do so because he might have fractured a rib, and movement could worsen the injuries. In open wounds, wrapping them with clean towels prevents contamination, especially if a bone is exposed because once a bone is infected, healing becomes much more difficult. If there is bleeding from the wound, cover it with a clean towel and even if it soaks the towel, add another towel onto the soaked one; removing the soaked towel can disturb the clot and cause more bleeding. In all situations, even after giving first aid, the key is to remember it is only to help the dog until you get medical assistance from a professional.

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