Study Says Couples Who Love Dogs Together, Stay Together

Relationships are one of the most complex topics when it comes to human socialization. For a long time, there have been various studies and researches targeted at getting a better understanding of relationships. Many propositions that have come through focus more on the compatibility aspect of relationships, as the vital factor behind their longevity. A recent one from I heart Dogs, opines that couples who share the love for dogs have a possibility of forming stronger bonds. The result from this study is significant, especially among the dog lovers who seem not to get out of the single bracket. So what could be the contributing factors behind the strong relationship amongst dog lovers? Let us look at some of the pointers that support this study.

Do Opposites Attract? Never Proven

According to the Personality Page, opposite individuals attract and is a popular term among couples who seem to have a lot of differences. However, some issues may arise in your romantic unions, and a common ground is essential. Here, you focus on the similarities you have together that will have all of you in your happy place at ago. The main point is that if opposites attract, then similarity attracts the strongest. Back to the fuzzy pets, if both of you share the love for dogs, then there is a high chance you can get along with your partner. You may get into long animated talks discussing pet care, different breeds, and maybe go out in the next dog show. Rarely will arguments like ‘you spend too much time with the dog’ will arise. While being different is vital in relationships, similarity ensures you enjoy being yourselves every time.

Sense of responsibility

From childhood, there was a notion where if you have a pet, then the more responsible you are. The statement is true, especially if you were in charge of the adorable animals, ensuring they are clean, healthy, and well-fed. Most parents still get their children pets to foster the element of responsibility from an early age. When it comes to relationships, being responsible is one of the foundations that hold the union in place. It shows that you know how to take care of yourself and others and also you can be entrusted with various duties and you will bring your best to it. When the couple loves dogs together, they demonstrate how much control they have. Taking care of oneself is hard, so when you bring a pet into the equation, then you get a clear picture of who you are seeing. Aside from responsibility, there is also a clear element of selflessness, patience, and empathy, which are very important when it comes to your romantic association.

Dogs Make You Look Good

Dogs serve many purposes, and aside from being your buddy, they can also complement your good looks. Among the dogs that give you that relaxed image are the short-statured breeds such as the Chihuahua, American Akita, and the Chow Chow. If you happen to meet a fellow dog lover, then they will be attracted to you, with a high chance of a strong bond to come through. The larger and ferocious breed, such as the German shepherd, Pitbull, and Rottweiler, show a macho side to you. The dogs are known for their power and, at times, temper, so if you handle them properly, then you portray a hint of composure that many potential partners will love.

Bonding Factor

When it comes to relationships, the third wheel is underrated. The third wheel refers to the common thing that you share, and mostly it is a friend, a child, and in other instances, a pet. The third-party helps ease the tension between you in case of a tiff. It is the bonding factor that you need to help you shed any animosity that you may have towards your significant other. If both you and your partner are introverted, then a dog can be an excellent addition to your union. The situation gets better if both of you have a soft spot for the canines, you can go looking for the best pick in pet stores or animal shelters, a moment you can also use to bond. At times you may want to call it quits, but having a poodle as your uniting factor, the tensions go down. It takes the role of children in some same-sex relationships if the couple is still not able to adopt a child. As earlier hinted, you can share the love for dogs to get closer, attending dog shows or even going for long walks with your pet accompanying you.

A Therapeutic Companion

For long, dogs, among other pets, have found their ways to our hearts as therapeutic companions. Some medics will recommend you to have a pet to help you deal with anxiety or depression by offering you company. When couples love dogs together, stick for long as they have a companion to help them with various stressors. For the romantic unions, pressure and other stressors may come by your way, and you need to be strong enough for the bond to last. To ease the burden, a dog can sit on your lap and help you calm down. The walks you take with your poodle can also help you relieve anxiety. They fill in the gap in case you are in a long-distance relationship by offering you company.

Bottom Line

Recent studies point to the mutual love of dogs of a couple to the sustainability of their bond. The research focuses on the aspect of similarity and what it has in store for romantic unions. Dogs are excellent pets to have, and you can get one unless you have a fur allergy. Aside from protection, they show how responsible you are, offer protection, and are also good lookers. All the stated aspects are essential elements that your potential spouse may be looking for. If you share the same love for poodles, then sit down and wait to prove the study right.

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