Are Millennials Obsessed With Dogs?


Millennials are also known as Generation Y who reached adulthood at the start of the new millennium. According to Caixa bank research, this includes those who are born between 1981 and 1996 and therefore aged between (ages 23 to 38). The Millennials are a generation of pet parents as a survey was carried out by Y Pulse found out that 76% of them have pets. Half of these are said to own dogs while the 35% have cats. Millennials having dogs can be attributed to several factors which also justify the postulation that they are obsessed with them.

Acquaintances during COVID19 pandemic

Millennials during the COVID19 pandemic adopted pets to wade off boredom during the confinement period. It is said that during that period 7% of Millennials adopted pets which can be inferred that since from previous studies half of the pets adopted by Millennials are dogs, the high percentage of this 7% are dogs. Dogs have always been taken as the best man companion of all domesticated animals as they can be easily trained to provide security and solicitude. It is also described as one of the most social animals. It is for these reasons that millennials have become obsessed with dogs especially during quarantines when they have found themselves alone. These acquaintances are likely to fuel even more obsession even after restrictions are eased as most of them feel dogs have become a crucial part of them.

Dogs Are Effective Therapy

Millennials have become very obsessed with dogs because of the provision of effective therapy. Studies have shown that many Millennials are dealing with issues of stress emanating from money anxiety, burnouts at the workplace, and loneliness. A well-trained dog ends up becoming a part and parcel of their lives giving them a positive reward in return by providing them with therapy. Millennials have therefore opted to adopt dogs as a stress management strategy. They feel that dogs are not demanding as their fellow men as they only need basic things like food and shelter. Their companionship with them, therefore, comes in handy as they tend to ease the stressful issues they are going through without putting any pressure on them. In some cases, you will find them even talking to the dogs and sharing their issues as their confidants since they may not have someone to share with due to the busy schedules of their family members or even their fellow Millennials.

Dogs are a source of happiness

According to Y pulse, when the Millennials were asked as to why they have adopted dogs, 49% of them said that engaging dogs by indulging with them made them happy. This is not strange considering that dogs can be easily pampered by giving them treats such as providing them their best food, washing them, and cuddling them. In return, dogs are known to reciprocate to acts of kindness expressing their gratitude by staying close and even playing with the benefactor. The Millennials who are usually burdened with issues of life such as stress as aforementioned therefore become very obsessed with dogs that seem to understand them and appreciate their efforts.

Dogs As Kids

As aforementioned, Millennials are aged between 23 and 38 years with most of them feeling they are not ready to have their own families. Despite this, many of them have the desire to have responsibilities by taking care of their kids hence looking for alternative children. According to Walnut Creek Magazine, 44% of Millennials have adopted pets in place of babies since they have been found to take care of issues such as careers and holidays first before marrying and getting children hence the need to have this alternate “children”. Dogs are the most preferred as they can be easily pampered, given names, which they can respond to when addressed by them making most Millennials to be obsessed with them.

Spending Time At Home

The COVID19 pandemic has changed the way of life among many people Millennials included. Working at home through the internet has become a norm making people spend a lot of time at home. There is also the issue of restrictions of movement and visits to entertainment and food joints. Studies have shown that 42% of Millennials said that spending more time at home has made them be closer with their pets. This can be associated with the fact that many of the Millennials usually don’t have enough time at home as they are engaged with more than one job and also catching up with friends through movies and outings. They have therefore become very obsessed with their pets and more so dogs as already discussed that dogs are the most social among the other animals. The obsession is more considering that the pandemic has prolonged over a long period which has made people adjust their way of life including this infatuation with dogs by the Millennials.

Role of influencers

Millennials are also obsessed with dogs due to the enthusiasm generated by social media influencers. In the year 2018, it is reported that Americans spent a whopping $ 11 Billion on pet-treating were also 76% of Millennials said they were willing to spend more on pet outfits than on themselves which is a result of the trends they are seeing in social media. This has also led to the phrase “doggiest generation” as it is said that for Americans in their 30s (where millennials fall) three out of four own dogs. They are therefore advocating for issues of accessibility of dogs to places like restaurants and stores fueling this frenzy of obsession with dogs, especially among the Millennials.

Millennials Lifestyle

The Millennials are also obsessed with dogs because they are taking them as a lifestyle. According to Vice, a survey among the Millennials indicated that some of them felt that they achieved the same results strolling around with their dogs as parents would be doing with their children. Millennials who are freelancers and independent artists when they observe this trend are motivated to own dogs as they feel the need to be part of this community thus it has become a lifestyle. It is said that the issue of class and status has also made the Millennials be obsessed with dogs where owning one makes one be esteemed to have climbed the social ladder. The treatment of dogs as a pet has gone a notch higher where they are even having birthday treats as well as visiting their friends in dog’s daycares.

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