Amazing Footage of K9 Apprehending Suspected Domestic Abuser

Dogs perform a wide variety of roles to support the work of the armed forces and emergency services. In the case of dogs working with the police, the roles of dogs include search and rescue, identifying drugs, and apprehending suspects. Recently, amazing footage has come to light of a K9 apprehending a domestic abuse suspect. I Heart Dogs tells the story of Duke, a K9 police officer who works with the Corona Police Department. He recently supported his handler and fellow police officers in bringing down a suspect, and his amazing work was captured on video.

The police were called to an incident in the early hours of the morning. This led to a vehicle pursuit that involved police officers from both the Corona Police Department and the Fontana Police Department in California. The police chase ended following a successful PIT maneuver. When the chase came to a halt, the suspect remained locked in his truck and he refused to leave the vehicle. It was believed by the police that the suspect had attempted to stalk and injure his estranged wife. Therefore, apprehending him as soon as possible was essential. As the human police offers were unable to persuade the man to leave his car, they decided to employ the services of K9 Duke along with his handler Officer Michael Neff.

First, the officers had to take one shot at the window of the car. Then, it was K9 Duke’s turn to spring into action. The amazing footage of what happened next was first published by TMZ. K9 Duke leaps through the shattered window of the car to attack the perpetrator. As he pins down the suspect, the suspect tries unsuccessfully to escape from the dog. He then gives up the fight and is seen as not moving a muscle other than his heavy breathing. K9 Duke had him pinned exactly like he had been trained to do in these circumstances.

Apparently, the suspect punched Duke inside the car, but this didn’t even faze the K9 Officer. Duke just continued to do his job in the way in which he had been trained. When the human officers removed the 31-year-old suspect from the car, they realized that he had suffered a dog bite, so he was taken to hospital to receive treatment for his minor injury. Immediately after the incident, TMZ went to speak to Officer Neff and to check how Duke was after the events that had taken place. Many people who had witnessed the incident were concerned that K9 Duke may have suffered injuries after he leaped through the smashed window. Fortunately, TMZ was delighted to discover that the dog had suffered not a single scratch in the incident.

TMZ asked Officer Neff if Duke would receive a reward for his actions, to which Officer Neff responded that K9 Duke would get a big hug. Officer Neff and K9 Duke clearly have a strong bond and work well together. Surprisingly, they are relatively new to this type of work. He thanked the rest of the K9 team for their support and for working alongside them to make sure they were ready to handle events like these in the field. Officer Neff described how he has been working with K9 Duke every single day to train for many situations, including apprehending suspects. In Officer Neff’s opinion, K9 Duke will have no problems in coping with the work he has been grained to accomplish.

All dogs who work alongside the police undergo intensive training to make sure they are competent at a wide range of skills and tasks before being allowed to work in the field. According to How Stuff Works, the first stage of training is basic obedience training. All dogs must learn to obey the commands of the handler before they can move on to any further training. One reason for this is that it keeps the aggression of the dog in check, and it allows the officers to have complete control over the force and aggression the dog can display. The training also involves making sure the dog is up to scratch physically. They must all pass endurance and agility training so that they are fit enough to work for long periods and covering various terrain. Another stage in the training involves them becoming acclimatized in the city. It is essential that the dogs are not nervous around people and that they can cope with crowds.

Finally, all the dogs receive specific training relating to their future roles as K9 Officers. This may involve sniffing out drugs, bombs, and guns. Some are also trained to track missing persons or to support officers in apprehending suspects, just like Duke. If the dogs are trained to apprehend suspects, their training will involve various scenarios that they may potentially come across when working in the field. Duke was clearly trained to jump through a car window, but that is not the only scenario that he could face to apprehend suspects. The dogs are also involved to chase suspects on foot or to corner them to reduce the chances of an escape.

The work of K9 Officers like Duke can play a vital role in an arrest or the successful outcome of a case. Using K9 Officers is an extra level of force that they can use beyond the physical capabilities of human officers and as a less extreme measure than using firearms to apprehend a suspect. K9 Officers play an invaluable role in protecting the public and bringing criminals to justice. On the other hand, if a suspect is injured by a K9 Officer, there is the possibility that the police department is liable for these injuries. Therefore, the use of the K9 department is always something that is risk assessed. It most cases, the risk of liability is outweighed by the benefits of using K9 Officers in achieving a successful outcome.

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