Pit Bull’s Freedom Ride After 110 Days in the Shelter Has Viewers Crying Happy Tears

Working or volunteering at an animal shelter can be emotionally challenging, but it also offers the rewarding experience of witnessing the joy of animals finding their forever homes.

The story of Luna, a Pit Bull who had been waiting at the shelter for almost 110 days, is a prime example of this. The staff at @humanebroward should be commended for their dedication and selflessness in helping Luna find her loving family.

The outpouring of support and celebration from TikTok viewers for Luna’s adoption is a testament to the positive impact animal shelters and their staff have on the lives of animals and the community.

Congratulations to Luna on finding her forever home! The love and joy she expresses in her new family is truly heartwarming. The video of Luna giving kisses to her new mother is a testament to the deep bond that can be formed between animals and their adopters.

As @bugz.and.feathers commented, it is clear that Luna understands the significance of her red adoption card and is fully embracing her new family.

From her wild tail wags to her confidence in the car, everything about this family’s first moments together appears to be a perfect match. We wish Luna and her new family all the happiness and love in the world.

One of the most striking elements of this video is the evident excitement of Luna’s new family as they meet her. The affectionate kisses Luna gives her new mother are truly heartwarming and demonstrate the powerful bond that can be formed between animals and their adopters.

As @mikaelarodriguez’s1478 rightly pointed out, “The lady in red needs Luna just as much as Luna needs her.”

This sentiment is in line with the popular saying “who rescued who?” which highlights the mutual benefits of animal adoption for both the animal and the adopter. It is a reminder of the importance of animal shelters and the work they do in finding loving homes for animals in need.

Check out the video below!


Our underdog Luna was adopted! ? ❤️ It was finally Luna’s turn and she knew it the second she saw that adopted sticker! Luna has seen so many other dogs leave the shelter, but finally after almost 110 days in a kennel, she found her forever family. She was so happy and thankful, she couldn’t contain herself! She jumped right up into the car and smothered her new forever mom with kisses ?❤️ #adopted #goinghome #dogrescue #adoptdontshop #adoption #rescuedog #dogsoftiktok #dogvideos #dog

♬ original sound – Humane Society Broward County

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