Rescue Dog That Nobody Wanted Saves Life of New Owner

When dogs end up in rescue shelters, it is hard to predict how long they will remain living in the shelter or when someone will choose to adopt them. There are many factors that impact how quickly a dog is adopted. For example, younger dogs and certain breeds are adopted quickly. Older dogs, those with health problems, and dogs with behavioral issues often find it difficult to find a forever home. In some cases, people are willing to take a chance and adopt a dog that nobody else wants. Sometimes, it can bring the new owner some unexpected rewards, just like a man who adopted a dog that went on to save his life.

Sadie’s Case

Sadie is a mixed-breed dog who nobody wanted. She ended up in the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in New Jersey, which is a shelter where dogs go when other shelters could not rehouse them. The dogs who end up in this shelter can sometimes spend the rest of their days without a family to love. Megan Brinster, the shelter’s executive director, explained that there were several reasons that Sadie had ended up in the shelter’s care. One reason was that she was overweight at 100 pounds. However, the bigger issue was that Sadie did not like men, and it was for this reason that the other shelters had given up trying to find Sadie a new home. Thankfully, there was one person out there who was willing to give Sadie a chance. According to CBS News, Brian Myers met Sadie and instantly knew that he could offer her a home. Myers thought that Sadie was  a beautiful dog and believed he could help her to overcome her issues with men. Therefore, Myers decided to give Sadie a second chance in life. Little did he know at the time that not only was he rescuing Sadie, but he was also taking home an animal who would go on to save his life.

How Sadie Saved Her Owner

When Myers took Sadie home, the pair began to develop a strong bond. Sadie would go with Myers wherever he went, tracking all his movements. According to Brinster, it is common for rescue dogs to become loyal. In the past, they have either lost an owner or never had someone special in their life. Once they have an owner that loves them, they become extremely loyal to that person. Although he knew that he had made a great friend, even Myers did not expect her to show such a high level of devotion when he needed her the most. Myers was getting out of his bed one night when he fell straight back down to the floor. He did not know it at the time, but he was having a stroke. Myers needed urgent medical attention, but he was unable to call for assistance as he was slumped on the floor, and his cell phone was out of reach on the opposite side of the room. Thankfully, his loyal companion was by his side to assist him. Myers grabbed hold of Sadie’s collar, and she dragged him from where he was slumped in the corner to where he could reach his phone. It was like Sadie had a sixth sense about what he needed the most at that time. If she had not have come to Myers’ aid, he would not have received the urgent medical care he needed to save his life. Myers was surprised that Sadie knew what to do. As far as he knows, the dog has no experience or training as a support or service dog.

Myers’ Recovery in Hospital

Thanks to Sadie, Myers was able to call for help, and an ambulance rushed him to Englewood Health Center in Englewood, New Jersey. There, he received urgent treatment to counteract the damage already done by the stroke and reduce the risk of further damage. Following the initial treatment, Myers still had a long road to recovery. He needed to spend several weeks in the health center to undergo further treatment and rehabilitation. During that time, he did not see Sadie at all, and the pair were missing each other. Just before he left the hospital, Sadie finally came in to see Myers, and it was a joyous reunion. She ran straight up to Myers and licked his face so much that she knocked his glasses to the floor and pulled off his mask. Not only were the pair delighted to see each other, but Myers was so grateful for the help and support that his rescue dog had given to him. It was clear for everyone to see how much Sadie loves her owner and that her love is reciprocated. The reunion was a pleasure for the staff at the medical center to see. Now, Myers has returned home to his loyal companion, and Sadie continues to follow him wherever he goes.

It is hard to believe that Sadie once hated men so much that the shelter could not rehome her, yet she now loves a man so much she will not leave his side and will do anything to help him. All Sadie needed was for someone to give her a chance, and she had plenty to give in return. Both Myers and Sadie have got a happy ending to their stories.The way dogs can assist their owners remains a mystery to animal behaviorists and other scientists. It is hard to comprehend how dogs can assess a situation, know that their owner is in danger, and then take the necessary steps to  get them help or to safety. Despite the uncertainties as to how dogs can do these things, it has long been known that they can support humans in many ways. Not only do they support the military  and emergency services, but many dogs have roles offering support and comfort to their owners and to other humans.

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