Lab-Shepherd Mix Zoey Recognized for World’s Longest Dog Tongue by Guinness

Drew and Sadie Williams adopted their dog Zoey three years ago, and it didn’t take long for everyone who met her to notice her remarkably long tongue. In fact, Zoey’s tongue turned out to be longer than any other dog’s in the world.

The story of the Williamses and Zoey’s record-breaking tongue was recently featured on the Guinness World Records’ website. Back in November, Drew and Sadie submitted documentation of Zoey’s extraordinary tongue length to Guinness, and in March, they received the official certificate recognizing Zoey as the dog with the longest tongue.

The tale began in June 2020 when Sadie and Drew came across a post online from someone looking for homes for a litter of puppies. Intrigued by Zoey’s mix of Labrador and German Shepherd, they decided to adopt her, and it turned out to be a perfect match.

From a young age, Zoey’s tongue protruded from her mouth, catching everyone’s attention. As she grew bigger and met more people, her long tongue became a common topic of conversation. Drew even compared her tongue to a butter knife and found it to be longer by half an inch.

One day, someone suggested to Drew that Zoey’s tongue might break a record if there was one. Curious, he visited the Guinness website and discovered that the previous record holder, a St. Bernard named Mochi, had passed away, leaving the record unclaimed. The longest tongue on a living dog at that time measured 7.31 inches (18.58 cm).

Motivated by this information, Sadie and Drew decided to pursue the record for Zoey. They took her to a veterinarian in Metairie, who officially measured her tongue for Guinness. They submitted a package of videos, pictures, and witness statements to validate Zoey’s tongue length.

In February, Guinness recognized another dog, an English Setter from Tucson named Bisbee, as the new record holder with a tongue measuring 3.74 inches (9.49 cm). However, the Williamses remained confident that Zoey would surpass Bisbee’s record. After all, Zoey’s tongue was longer than a soda can.

Their confidence paid off when they received the certificate from Guinness, confirming Zoey as the dog with the world’s longest tongue, surpassing Bisbee’s record. To celebrate Zoey’s achievement, Drew and Sadie bought her some luxurious, individually wrapped doggie treats. Zoey enjoyed her favorite activities like playing fetch, chasing squirrels, riding in cars, swimming, and eating from her maze bowl, designed to slow down fast eaters.

The Williamses proudly display Zoey’s certificate on the mantle above their fireplace, alongside a painting capturing her impressive tongue. The certificate never fails to spark conversations among visitors, and Drew finds the whole experience quite exciting, as it’s not every day you encounter a Guinness World Records certificate in person.

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